Car Insurance OUTRAGE on Twitter

Ordinary motorists are fed up and they are tweeting about being fed up. It’s pure unadulterated “OUTRAGE,” directed at the car insurance companies.

Some would say this is no holds barred – no censorship – and full frontal OUTRAGE…there for the whole world to see. The likes of which, we have never seen before.

Your Car Insurance Price…More Expensive!

Average drivers are tired of not being rewarded for their loyalty and being charged more and more, with each passing year.

One tweet had this to say:

Here’s a thought @HastingsDirect, if your telephone operators can match a competitor’s cost for renewal when I phone up to cancel a policy, why not do so to start with?

Another tweet:

Sorry @TheAA_UK, but your car insurance renewal quote was just too much. Saved myself £150 by going with my home insurer. I’ll be giving you guys a ring tomorrow to cancel the auto-renewal.

What about this tweet:

@DirectLine_UK claim free but renewal premium up 35%. Entered exact same details as a new customer and price was well over £140 less. Treating existing customers as mugs?

I think that word sums this whole mess up.


No. We are not talking about the mugs you can find in our souvenir shop. They only cost £19.95 with free shipping to your door and feature the CCI mascot on your mug. It will arrive in time for Christmas, we guarantee it.

No it is not that mug…it is these car insurance companies who are taking you as a MUG. Sorry to put it in such plain English, but its the truth, and here at CCI we always tell the truth. We don’t mince our words,

These companies are mugging you off with their bare hands and most of you are sitting back and taking it.

According to recent statistics there are 8 million people in the UK who DO NOT shop around for car insurance at renewal time.

Where Do I Compare Car Insurance?

Imagine that: 8 million people who have never even seen this famous 3 minute form.

They have probably never even heard of Cheap Car Insurance…but we want to change that.

The government have already made it a legal requirement to tell you about the benefits of shopping around at renewal time, but not everybody is paying attention.

That is why we want to send a rallying call out to our loyal customers. The CCI enthusiasts who describe us as “The Nations Favourite,” and “The Website of The People.”

We want you to get on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and MySpace and shout the CCI message like you are shouting it from the rooftops.

Renewal Rally

Tell them what we stand for…Cheap Car Insurance

Tell them what our superpowers are…Saving them a packet at renewal time

Tell them what we stand against…Those ripoff car insurance companies

Tell them how much money they could save…A few hundred squid…possibly

Post a link to our 3 minute form and tell your family and friends to take 3 minutes of their time because they deserve it.

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