Twerk Your Job Title and Save £677

I think it was Martin Lewis who contacted CCI HQ and told us about being specific with your job title to get cheaper car insurance.

He may have even mentioned us as being the best comparison website when he appeared on Good Morning. I can’t remember.

Car Insurance Red Carpet

We are always getting celebrities and experts singing our praises. We can’t keep up.

Instead, we are focused on one thing and one thing only…getting YOU the cheapest car insurance quotes on the planet.

That is why I’m writing to you right now to remind you about one of the easiest ways to get cheap car insurance.

What you want to do is play around with your job title on the car insurance application form and see if they give you a cheaper deal.


For example, if you are “cook” then you might want to try saying “chef,” to see if you can save a few pound notes. Don’t lie or bend the truth of course. Tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Just be specific.

Just like one woman who originally put “dancer” on her car insurance application form. She then took the advice of CCI and changed her occupation to be more specific.

“Twerker” is what she put, and with that simple change she saved a few hundred pounds off her car insurance bill.

From Dancer to Twerker

Originally she had been hired as a dancer, but she found the main bulk of her income came from “twerking.”

So she “twerked” her car insurance application and saved herself a fortune.

Not only that, but she also used Cheap Car Insurance to compare car insurance, apparently. And after she got over 100 quotes from our trusted partners, legend has it that she was…

Twerking All Night!

With just 1 simple tweak on her car insurance application and she saved hundreds. That is the magic of CCI for you, right there.

We don’t need fancy gimmicks or silly slogans. Just plain advice that gets you results and a 3 minute form which is out of this world.

Think we are pulling your chain? Think again.

The CCI Challenge

We challenge you to fill in our 3 minute form and see what happens. If you don’t see the cheapest car insurance prices you have ever seen…staring right back at you on the screen…then I want you to contact us directly and tell us.

We will leap into action and find out exactly why you have not just been delivered the best car insurance prices ever…and do everything in our power to make sure you do get the cheapest quotes in the UK.

That is not just a guarantee. That is a CCI satisfaction guarantee. We are so convinced you are going to be satisfied that we are willing to go above and beyond what anyone else does.

You must fill out the 3 minute form right now through this link.

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