I Spy With My Car Insurance Eye, Something Beginning With S…

Here in the CCI Canteen we often play “i spy” to pass the day. We can’t talk about car insurance all day long…sometimes we need a break.

It looks like the topic of car insurance has edged its way into our lunchtime “i spy” game though.

The Wolf Spies “S”

It was my turn…and after eating a chocolate hob nob and drinking a sip of my tea (lots of cream, lots of sugar) I said the words…

“I spy with my car insurance eye, something beginning with s…”





“Social media?”


“Er…we give up.”

The answer is…


No…not snoop doggy dog. We are talking about car insurance snoops here. The kind of snoops who stalk your social media accounts

The Scoop On The Snoops

If you remember, I reported before on how car insurance companies wanted to snoop on your Facebook posts. Back then, the plan was to have some kind of software snooping on your every move, but that plan was eventually scrapped.

Fast forward to the present day, and it has just come to light that car insurance companies are still snooping around. You might not be aware of it, but they are there…lurking in the shadows and watching your every move.


It isn’t just on Facebook either. They are “plugged in” to Twitter and Instagram as well.

Every time you press “send” or “post” – an alarm rings at the HQ of these car insurance companies, and a secret team of “snoops” quickly get to work.

The snoops respond even quicker when a “claim alarm” comes through to HQ.

Apparently car insurance companies are using your social media accounts to check the validity of any claim you make.

So if your car gets nicked this winter, then those snoops will be on your social media to snoop around and make sure you are telling the truth.

And if it didn’t get nicked and you are making a fraudulent claim…well, they will know about it. They see everything.

AXA Sharpen Their Axe

Just like car insurance company AXA…who recently used Facebook to sniff out a fraudulent claim.

A spokesperson for AXA recently said – “We will not look at social media to price our customers, however, we do have rules governing how we use social media to tackle fraud.”

Fair enough if you ask me, although it does make you wonder how much information these car insurance companies do get access to.

We Stand With You

Here at Cheap Car Insurance we don’t snoop around on your social media accounts, you can be sure of that.

The only information we have is the information you give us…right here at our 3 minute form.

We don’t want your life story. We just want the basics. And then we use that simple information to get you the best car insurance prices in the UK.

We don’t even bother with social media or anything like that. Try and find us on Facebook. You can’t.

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