CCI Breaks The Law at McDonalds Drive-Thru

“I will have 7 big mac meals,” I said to the girl in the headset. “Would you like to supersize that?” she replied.

“For the best car insurance comparison site…you betcha!”

“And how would you like to pay, sir?”

“With my mobile phone…it goes straight to the CCI bank account anyway…”

“Any Spare Gherkins?”

Back at CCI HQ and we are all sat in the cafeteria eating our big macs and enjoying being miles ahead of the competition.

“Those meerkats and the singing guy with their cheap meal deals… while we are dining like royalty.”

Everybody laughed.

The CCI accountant suddenly turns up and wonders why he is not eating a big mac meal.

“How did you pay for these big macs…kitty cash?”

“No on me mobile – mobile payments – its all the rage you know.”

“So you are telling me you were operating a motor vehicle and using a mobile phone at the same time?


CCI…Breaks The Law

Yes I have to admit it…I’ve even used my very own pen to write about mobile phone crime on the CCI blog, and now, with that very same hand…I’ve committed exactly the same crime.

My intentions were good…I was out getting Mcdonalds for all of the CCI gang…or posse as some people like to say.

But unwittingly I have broke the law, and now…

Must CCI Do The Time For Committing The Crime?

“Just take some cash out of the kitty next time…oh and don’t forget some biscuits,” the accountant said before leaving us alone to eat the rest of our big mac meals.

“He doesn’t know where we hide the biscuits.”

We all laughed.

However, I wasn’t laughing about mobile phone crime. Not…one…bit…

The consequences of being caught with a mobile phone while at the wheel is a £1000 fine and 6 points on your license.

Surely Mcdonalds should be advising their customers of this fact?

That will be the defence of CCI if this thing reaches court…

Ronald McDonald Made Us Do It!

Just like ordinary British motorists could say if they are caught on their phone while at the wheel.

I was just checking me dog and bone guv…comparing car insurance actually…CCI made me do it.”

CCI is on your smartphone but make sure you are pulled over at the side of the road and the keys are out of the ignition to access our famous 3 minute form.

Late Night “Jogging?”

Just make sure you pull over in a respectable part of town, and if you do it at night, make sure you are not in certain hotspots – down country lanes etc.

You might be flashing your lights because you have just got amazing quotes…

Other motorists might get the wrong message – unless they are also part of the CCI insider club.

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