Comparison COPYCATS

Not happy with stealing from the nations favourite…2 comparison sites are now stealing from each other.

Who exactly? Well, I’m not mentioning any names…let’s just say “meerkats” for one of the sites and “annoying singing guy” for the other. You can make up your own mind.

Save Money On…Eating Out

They are copying each other with these “meal deals.”

“Eat out more, fork out less,” says the singing guy. I know where I would like to stick that fork, right where the sun doesn’t shine.

Why doesn’t he just…”fork off,” many people in our nation are saying.

The Meerkats are saying…well, who knows exactly what they are saying with that stupid accent.

So who is copying who? Who knows for sure, but what I do know is both of these sites lack originality.

Not like CCI. We are the original cheap comparison site and we are still keeping it original, right now, in 2018.

No Bubble Bath Guv

Things like cockney rhyming slang – it’s started a trend.

We don’t need to spend millions like those pesky meerkats and the “weird moustache guy” – we barely spend anything…and that is why we are able to pass the savings on to you…our customers

While they are spending millions on TV ads and copying each other.

We are attracting thousands of customers with our originality.

Save Money On…Car Insurance

We also don’t need gimmicks or “special offers” – just cheap car insurance the way it should be.

Listen: we are not one to toot our own horn (ok maybe sometimes) – but when you are that far ahead of the competition (in the creativity department) – then in my opinion it’s only right that we take a jab at the other comparison sites.

Are they going to throw a counter punch and retaliate? They wouldn’t dare…because we would take them back to school and eat them for breakfast.

With a “meal deal” we would eat them both at the same time

So that is 1 – 0 to CCI in the creativity department

And then make that 2 – 0 when you consider we also win in the cost department

Then…make that a double whammy against both of those sites and you have…4-0 to CCI.

The name says it all really…Cheap Car Insurance – and while all those others are scurrying around to copy each other and race to the bottom…

No Gimmicks. No Annoyance. No Adverts. No Meals.

We are quietly going about our business…saving you money each and every year on your car insurance.

Give us a try right now. It only takes 3 minutes of your time to get around 100 quotes, all from trusted car insurance companies who you can trust.

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