No Wheels? You Need Insurance For That

If you don’t have any wheels, steering wheel, windows, engine, gearbox, seats, accelerator, brake…you still need car insurance.

Even if the car is sitting inside a garage, with nothing more than a rusty bonnet…you still need car insurance.

Guess Who? Who Else

This is all comes from, yes you guessed it…the European Union, who have recently decided that all “immobilised vehicles” should have valid car insurance.

It doesn’t matter if your car has been off the roads for years. You still have to get third party, fire, and theft insurance to make sure you abide by the law.

Here at CCI we are well known for Raging Against the EU.

We stand with you, the ordinary motorist, and we try to give you a voice when all of this silliness is going on.

Just like when they announced insurance for lawnmowers. “It’s MADNESS,” we said.

And then they announced insurance for dodgems. “Just leave the kids ALONE,” we said.

Get Lost…Eurocrats!

Unfortunately those bureaucrats just are not listening and they continue to push on with their bizarre laws.

It was the European Court of Justice who recently ruled that all immobilised vehicles have to be insured, even if the owner has no intention of using the vehicle and it is well away from any roads.

This affects all European countries, as well as the UK. We are not out of this yet…will we ever be?

Sailing Away From Europe into Freedom

Until Brexit happens..or “if” Brexit happens…then, for now, we all have to abide by these crazy laws and hope we become masters and commanders of our destiny once again.

If that happens then we can start mowing our lawns again in peace, without fear of being scanned by those “beep beep” scanners.

We can also go to the fair again and just have a good time, complete with candy floss and toffee apples…without fear of being handcuffed.

And yes…we can store cars without wheels in our gardens if we want to, without wondering “just who is that hiding in the bushes?”

“Is it one of the Continuous Insurance Enforcement officials?” you wonder. Hopefully in the near future you will never have to be wary of any rustling in the bushes, ever again.

If a CIE does appear out of the bushes then you can quickly reach for your…tablet or smartphone.

“I’m with CCI,” you will say.

“Look…their website is set as my homepage. I filled out their 3 minute form and got insurance for my immobilised vehicle.”

Cheap Car Insurance

“I don’t believe you. Those prices can’t be real,” the CIE might reply.

“Oh they are real alright. Make no mistake about that. CCI are the cheapest site you can use to save yourself a fortune.”

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