Direct Line “Snowed In” By Avalanche of Car Insurance Payouts

Earlier this year, during the winter, car insurance company “Direct Line” put £55 Million pounds into their kitty.

What was this money for you might be wondering…odds and sods maybe? Actually, it was their “weather budget.” Cash that was to be used to payout innocent drivers when disaster strikes. Floods, Hurricanes, monsoons…light drizzle. That kind of thing.

One thing they didn’t expect to happen was…

The Beast From The East.

Maybe you remember all of the snow and cold that came from Siberia earlier in the year. Some kids made snowmen and went sledging, while many adults dealt with complete destruction.

Cars crashed…got stuck…and just generally had a bad time of it. And when you are having a bad time with your car, who do you call? The car insurance company of course.

For some vehicle owners that means a direct call to Direct Line, and they couldn’t ignore those calls forever.

The £55 Million weather budget saw them woefully short. The Beast From The East had pillaged their HQ, and now they were totally snowed in.

Jumpers…Wool Socks…Ear Muffs…

Here at CCI HQ things were completely different. Sure, it was snowing outside but we prepared well and made sure we wrapped up warm.

We didn’t get caught with our pants down. You can’t say the same about Direct Line.

We even reported recently about Direct Line on our car insurance blog. And, No…before anyone asks they are NOT included in the car insurance companies we partner with.

They wanted in, but we had to give them a “big fat NO.”

“You are Direct,” we said.

“We compare,” we went on to add.

Car Insurance Comparison, The People Demand

That’s right, we do compare…over 100 car insurance companies and brokers who can be found by filling in our 3 minute form.

It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, sunshine, windy, or snowing…you can rely on CCI to be there for you, 52 weeks a year and 365 days year.

We make sure all the cash in our kitty cover the essentials…like buying tea and biscuits for the staff. “No dunking allowed,” is a sign in our cafeteria.

Which reminds me: hold on to your hats and get ready for the official CCI mugs – soon to be added to our souvenir shop.

A perfect gift for Christmas? Yes.

Christmas Card = Rejected

As for Direct Line, what can we say about them? They had their chance to partner with us and they blew it. Now we shall never mention them again.

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