Women Better Drivers Than Men? CCI Investigates…

According to a new report women are better drivers than men, and that is why they pay less for car insurance, year in and year out.

In previous posts here on the CCI blog we have touched on the touchy subject of whether or not men are being discriminated against. Well, according to the new report it appears not.

We Stick Our Nose In

Here at CCI we are not being swayed one way or the other. We like to keep an open mind and investigate for ourselves. Kind of like The Cook report, although we hope no-one is going to start chasing us down the street with a baseball bat if we uncover some uncomfortable truths.

As all of the CCI faithful are no doubt aware by now…it is against the law for car insurance companies to discriminate on the basis of gender. So maybe women are just safer drivers than men, and that is why they are rewarded with cheap car insurance.

One particular statistic backs up this theory, where it was found that men are 4 times more likely to appear in court over a driving related offence.

Things such as drink driving, speeding, honking their horns, and eating cereal at the wheel…these are all offences which seem to be mostly men.

Cereal Offenders?

Women on the other hand don’t typically fancy themselves as being the next Nigel Mansell and they are not typically found spooning lashings of porridge down while in the fast lane, although quite a few women do get busted for talking on their mobile phone while at the wheel. Something which can get you 6 points and a fine, of course.

Back to the investigation, and what we have found is that men pay, on average, £92 more for car insurance than their female counterparts.

Do you know what I think the main problem is? The fact that not enough people are using our 3 minute form.

Cheap Car Insurance For Men

If more men could just gain access to the most powerful page in the car insurance industry, then I’m sure that average would go down from £92…to £70…to £45…to Nothing…

“CCI has ended the Gender Gap,” the headlines would say.

“Don’t thank us…thank the 100 companies and brokers who partner with us,” we would say.

I think it would be only fair to give our trusted partners their fair due, because even though we don’t always get along…they do work hard to make sure you get the cheapest car insurance quotes in the UK.

“Cheap car insurance quotes for men,” we shout at them down the phone.

“Cheap car insurance quotes for women,” we shout even louder.

Cheap car insurance quotes for clowns…”we scream at them…

We Don’t Send Christmas Cards

We may be hard to get along with and we may never exchange Christmas Cards with these companies…but there is no denying they are doing both men and women a great service by giving them cheap car insurance, time and time again.

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