STAY AWAY From these 4 Car Insurance Comparison Sites?

A fax came through at CCI HQ this morning. “It’s official, you really are number 1” were the only words on the piece of paper.

Who sent this mysterious fax you might be wondering…did we send it to ourselves? We do like to blow our own trumpet, yes, although we have good reason to…but in this particular scenario there was no trumpet playing from us.

This Message Will Self Destruct in…

The fax actually came through from Mr X…that car insurance insider who lurks in the shadows and finds everything out before it becomes official.

So it appears that Mr X found out about a Which Report, which recently delved deeper into the murky world of car insurance comparison websites.

4 websites in particular caught their attention and unless you have been living under a rock for the past 10 years then you’ve no doubt heard of these websites.

Guess Who? Not Difficult

MoneySuperMarket is one of the comparison sites mentioned by trusted watchdog Which…and they were followed by Confused.

The next website was the one owned by those meerkats. Is it any surprise really? I don’t think so.

Lastly, it was the comparison website we don’t even mention by name here at CCI. All you need to know is it features a highly annoying singing guy who most people describe as “definitely NOT fantastic.”

Go Compare Them All…They Are All The Same

Well, Which have come to the same conclusion, as they recently said that all 4 of the above comparison sites have earned reputations for overcharging customers and giving them the wrong type of cover.

Another issue was lack of choice, where on one occasion there was 30 quotes given by one of these comparison websites, with only 12 providers offering these quotes.

Puppets or Muppets?

Could it be that these 4 particular websites are owned by the car insurance companies themselves, which means they have a vested interest in pushing quotes from certain companies into your face? I wouldn’t like to say, although some sources suggest this is the truth.

If you should STAY AWAY from these 4 sites then which car insurance comparison website can you trust? Well…

If you fill in this form then you get quotes from over 100 car insurance and brokers. This gives you the chance to really Go and Compare the market rather than just be forced fed a few they push into your mouth.

Not a Puppet and Not a Muppet…

We are truly independent. There is no-one pulling our strings. Actually, far from being owned by the car insurance companies, most of them…dislike us very much.

If we would just step aside then they would be free to chain you, the innocent motorist, into high prices for years to come.

We won’t be bought though. Never!

Take a Stand With Cheap Car Insurance

“You can buy all the TV advertising space you want,” we say to the comparison/car insurance companies out there.

“You can annoy the heck out of the general public all you want…but…”

“You can never take…OUR FREEDOM!”

“FREEDOM!!!!” is what thousands of CCI customers around the country are shouting.

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