Best and Worst Car Insurance Companies REVEALED…

Have you ever wondered which is the best car insurance company in the UK? Or how about the worst? Keep reading…

It is the good folks over at Auto Express who set out to discover the answer, and what they discovered shocked many people.

Coming In At Last Place…

Readers of Auto Express were invited to cast their vote, and the results were then published in the Auto Express Driver Power 2018 ranks. A total of 54 car insurance companies were ranked, from best to worst.

Let’s start at the WORST shall we? According to Auto Express it is Co-Op car insurance which is, in their opinion, the worst car insurance company in the UK.

Guess what? I was reporting about Co-Op car insurance years ago. The faithful readers of the CCI car insurance blog already know about them.

It’s funny isn’t it…how here at CCI we are always ahead of the pack and “in the know” about the car insurance industry. It’s almost as if we are the Nostradamus of the car insurance world.

Best Car Insurance Company

How about the BEST car insurance company? In the Auto Express that award goes to NFU Mutual, and this is the third consecutive year they have been awarded the trophy.

Apparently they have a 96% satisfaction rating, with great phone service and only 7% of customers who say they would not renew.

Does this mean you should head directly to NFU Mutual right now to get a quote? NO!

Go Compare…Right Now

Instead, the best place to start is right here at Cheap Car Insurance (the name says it all really).

Fill in the simple 3 minute form and then instantly get around 100 quotes. Who knows, NFU Mutual might even make a guest appearance in the quotes…if we allow them, of course.

The truth of the matter is we only partner with car insurance companies you can trust. Not only that, but these companies must be willing to offer you their cheapest price. If they don’t, then we boot them out. Simple as that.

“It’s The Police!”

Back to Auto Express and according to them a company called Police Mutual came in second place, followed by a company called Liverpool Victoria in third place.

Forth and Fifth place were taken by Privilege and AXA respectively. Can you find any of these companies at CCI? The only way to find out is to fill in the form. It’s a surprise.

Which companies joined Co-Op at the worst ranked car insurance companies? Unfortunately it seems that Churchill didn’t do too well, which is a shame really because we have always been a fan.

The car insurance company for women, Sheilas Wheels, also came in low, with customers saying the sign up process is confusing and difficult.

Best Car Insurance Comparison Website

You might be wondering if Auto Express are going to rate the best and worst car insurance comparison websites? No need, we already know the answer…

The website of the people is our number 1,” is what most people around the country will say.

And coming in at last…the singing guy? Yep.

No need for any rankings or awards. Everybody already knows the score.

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