Electric Cars in 2019…Powered By The British Sunshine

The recent good weather has turned Britain into a tropical country, almost. That sunshine is great for vitamin D and getting a tan.

Do you know what else it is great for? Solar powered electric cars. No plugging in or filling up with petrol required. Just take to the road and “charge” while you drive.

German Engineering Combined With British Summer

According to reports solar powered electric cars are expected to hit British roads by the summer of 2019, with German manufacturer Sono Motors right at the forefront of this new technology

The first car on the market will be called The Sion, and there will be solar panels attached to the car on the roof, bonnet, and sides which allows the battery to charge while you go for a nice drive in the countryside.

Neighbours won’t have to share a charging point

You can probably expect electric car insurance to be cheaper

You won’t have to wait for the iCar

However, while we don’t want to throw a bucket of water on this particular bonfire, it seems there might be a couple of problems with getting a solar powered electric car on the road by next year.

Typical British Summer

Firstly, how about the fact that Britain is typically cloudy and rainy for most of the year. Will these solar panels get enough “charge” to cope with the busy lifestyles of our nations motorists?

“Hello my car won’t start,” said the British motorist to the Sono Motors helpline.

“What is the weather like?” they will reply.


“There is your problem right there, wait for some sunshine and you will be good to go.”

Another issue overlooked by Sono Motors and their new solar powered electric car is the fact that right now, in Britain, we are in the midst of….

A Bonnet Crimewave!

As we speak, there are gangs of bonnet thieves roaming the country and looking for cars to strip.

They leave the roof and sides…but the bonnets? They take them to sell.

What do you think is going to happen with solar powered electric cars? The bonnets are going to become even more valuable, and the tops and sides will start to attract criminals as well.

The thieves rip off the bonnets in seconds. As easy as ripping off the lid from a Chicken and Mushroom pot noodle.

They are going to have a field day with these solar powered electric cars if you ask me.

Solar Power Failure

That is why I’m advising all of our loyal readers to stay away from solar power electric cars in 2019. Instead, stick with your old fashioned petrol style cars…at least for now. Wait until the technology is proven is my advice.

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