Direct Line Chief Steps Down – Comparison Wins?

The CEO of Direct Line has stepped down from his role after 10 years, with some experts saying its because of comparison websites.

As you might be aware, Direct Line are a car insurance company who are “direct.” In other words, they don’t make themselves available to be selected by comparison websites.

Years ago these direct car insurance companies were the only option out there, but thanks to the internet the comparison sites have eventually become king.

The Birth of CCI

It was years ago when Cheap Car Insurance exploded onto the scene. Back then, many companies who were direct scoffed at the notion of comparison.

So they continued to sit in their ivory towers and hold meetings day after day, and month after month…fat cats sitting around a table, trying to work out ways to squeeze more pound coins out of you (the UK public).

The CCI Meeting Room

During that same time we have also been hard at work, but our meetings are a lot different. We don’t sit down for one. Meetings should be short and to the point, and ACTION should be the main priority.

Our main focus has always been on saving you money. Simple as that. “People power” is our motto and we truly believe in “cheap car insurance for everybody.”

Direct vs CCI

Our stance has put us at odds with companies such as Direct Line and many others. In fact, out of all the founding car insurance comparison websites…we are one of the last remaining “TRUE” comparison sites.

Some of the other so called “comparison sites” are actually owned by the car insurance companies. They might have started off as genuine, but over time they became “stooges,” and nothing but a puppet for those car insurance companies who thought they had the rule of the roost.

CCI Wins!

Back to Direct Line and it appears their profits are down 16%, with many financial analysts predicting this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Why such a huge drop in profits? Because ordinary motorists such as you are becoming wise.

You no longer want to go direct…You want to compare.

Who can blame you? Just by using this 3 minute form you can get quotes from around 100 companies and brokers and then save yourself a fortune.

It’s how millions are buying their car insurance right now and it is the future of car insurance.

Not joined the party yet? Don’t fear…take the time to look around our car insurance blog and then when you are ready you can start getting quotes from our trusted partners.

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