Do You Have These 4 Complaints About Car Insurance?

These are stressful times in the car insurance world, with the vast majority of motorists completely fed up. Many don’t complain though.

Instead it seems they just send hate mail to us, the website of the people, but that is ok by us. We understand what you are going through and are prepared to listen to every single one of you…just send us an email, letter or fax.

Complaint Department = No Mail

Despite people’s willingness to send CCI details of their troubles, new research has concluded that most are reluctant to actually complain to the car insurance companies themselves.

The research also went on to discover exactly what these complaints are. Keep reading to see if any apply to you.

Too Expensive

The number 1 complaint about car insurance is the fact it’s too expensive. Many car drivers are seeing their premiums get more expensive year on year, even though they are perfect drivers.

They feel undervalued as a customer when this happens, but never bother to complain.

“I should be rewarded for my loyalty,” is what many would like to write.

Do you know the 1 place where you are rewarded? Right here at Cheap Car Insurance. Just fill in the form and get rewarded immediately. You won’t believe the quotes staring back at you.


Another car insurance complaint is about repairs, or more specifically, the “insurance company approved” garages that motorists often have to deal with.

Many of these garages are slow and do shoddy work…apparently, which means you probably end up wishing you had done the repairs yourself.

My advice is to only go with car insurance companies who give you an envelope of cash and then tell you to “sort the repairs out yourself.” Sorted!

Too Many Questions

“Have you ever spent time inside?”

“Do you drive with your hands at 10 and 2?”

“Do you even have a drivers license?”

Questions, questions…and more questions. Many of you think car insurance companies ask too many of them, and here at CCI we agree completely

That is why our no nonsense 3 minute form is simple and to the point. We don’t want to know what colour underwear you have on or are you a clown? Just give us the basic information…about your vehicle and driving.


Did you know that many of the car insurance companies try to sneak your prices up at renewal time, without you even realising it? Yes this does happen, a lot!

Fortunately, you can beat the sneak right here at CCI, by comparing car insurance companies a week or two before your renewal time.

It really is the best thing to do, so much so that even the insurance companies themselves now must tell you BY LAW to visit CCI.

So make sure you obey the law at all times…by filling in this 3 minute form right now.

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