He Became a Woman, For Cheap Car Insurance

It appears a man in Canada has been reading our blog and came across the post about men paying more for car insurance than women.

He wasn’t happy about this “gender bender” of a story, so he decided if his current gender couldn’t provide him with cheap car insurance then…he would simply change his gender.

Save Money on Car Insurance

This led him to lie in order to get his birth certificate changed, which means legally he became a woman.

Guess what? It saved him £640 on car insurance.

“I won,” is what he said when asked for a comment.

He’s right…he did win…saving £640 on your car insurance is definitely considered WINNING.

The Real Winners

Just like the UK residents who use our 3 minute form. They regularly save hundreds of pounds without having to change their gender.

If this guy had lived in the UK then all he had to do was get around 100 quotes from car insurance companies and brokers (the trusted ones who partner with us) and then…”£640 saved!” just, like, that…

It’s fast, it’s simple, and it’s really a lot of fun. A few basic details and you could potentially make great savings. All with the click of a button.

Unfortunately, our guy in Canada didn’t have access to the famous 3 minute form. It is exclusive for UK residents only, kind of like a VIP club.

I don’t think Canada has a “Cheap Car Insurance equivalent” which means he went through the process of legally changing his gender.

Expensive Car Insurance in Canada

Apparently the original quote he got when browsing around online was £2600. He then decided to change his gender on the application form and was given a quote of £1987.

He phoned the car insurance company and requested to be a woman…only to be told he had to have a doctors note for that.

So in a few days he got that note after lying about his gender to the doctor.

“It was pretty simple,” he said.

He went on to add…”I’m a man, 100%. Legally, I’m a woman. I did it for cheaper car insurance.”

So why are men getting charged more than women for car insurance anyway? One reason is because they are more prone to getting into crashes, especially young males under the age of 25.

Another reason is because, on average, they do currently drive more miles than women, although this is changing, and many experts predict that in a few years there will no longer be a gender price gap, so to speak.

Gender Neutral

Of course, by that time it will be self driving cars ruling the roads. No driver required. The gender will not matter.

The good news is that in the meantime both men and women can get Cheap Car Insurance right here.

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