Car Insurance HATE MAIL

“Hey CCI, you suck!” is one piece of hate mail that recently landed in our mailbox. These haters really do hate CCI it seems.

Typically here at Cheap Car Insurance HQ our mailbag is full of letters from fans and admirers…and people who want our expert opinion on all things car insurance related.

NOT The Nations Favourite…For Some

Recently though, there has been more and more “hate mail.” I would say about 5% of mail is now hate.

“You might be cheap but your blog posts are stupid,” is what one hater had to say.

Cockney rhyming slang? You really do suck!!” added another hater.

Why the sudden onslaught of haters? I can only guess it comes with the territory

The Best, a Man Or Woman Can Get

As you become the best, car insurance comparison website, then there is always those who want to tear you down.

It’s okay, we can take it.

In fact, we understand where a lot of this hate might be coming from.

For many people it is from pent up energy and aggression that doesn’t have a suitable outlet. They need to vent and release, and what better place than a letter directly to the CCI mail room.

I think a lot of this pent up energy and aggression comes from the outrageous car insurance prices we have, right now in 2018.

Cor Blimey Guvnor

For example, if you live in London then you are probably paying over £1000 squid just to insure a Ford Fiesta. It really is a bubble bath.

Don’t get frustrated at us though. You should be directing that anger towards the source…the car insurance companies.

Did you know there are some things you are completely entitled to dispute with your car insurance company, and even if you send them HATE MAIL, they legally can’t hold it against you.

For example, if your car gets damaged and the car insurance company sends it for repair at one of their authorised garages…then you can complain if they do a bad job.

“Hey, your mechanic sucks!” Is what you could write.

Doesn’t that feel better to get rid of that energy? Doesn’t it make you feel more calm?

Blue Skies and Birds Singing

So calm in fact…that you can take a real deep breath and then calmly navigate your way to the 3 minute form that everybody is talking about.

“All they want is a few basic details…that’s fantastic” you will say.

Then, once you get around 100 quotes and the cheapest car insurance prices you have ever seen, your only response will be…

“You know, I was wrong to hate CCI…They are actually Robin Hood.”

Yes we really are that good.

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