£7 Gadget STOPS £2500 Fine and Car Insurance “Ripped Up”

Every day millions of drivers are driving around not realising they are breaking the rules of their car insurance agreement.

It’s no laughing matter either, because if caught with your hand in the honey pot, then expect to be fined up to £2500 and have your car insurance documents “ripped up” and thrown right out of the window.

Read The Small Print

So what are you doing wrong? Well, if you own a dog and they travel in the car with you, then most car insurance polices say they MUST be restrained.

In other words, your dog should be wearing a seatbelt just like anybody else in the car.

Remember when I told you the story about the guy who didn’t get a car insurance payment because the dog “might” have caused the accident. All because of no seat belt.

The Dog Didn’t Do It

It doesn’t even matter if the dog didn’t do it. In the event of an accident or incident, if your dog wasn’t restrained then the car insurance company will automatically assume it was the dogs fault.

Not fair? No it isn’t. But that won’t stop them ripping up your car insurance documents and even demanding a £2500 fine.

“We take a cheque,” they will say.

“Great,” you will reply.

Only it won’t be great, will it? Because not only will you have a bill for a two and half a grand to contend with, but you will also have NO car insurance, which means any damage to your car comes directly out of your own pocket as well.

Problem = Solved (Only £7)

The solution is a handy £7 gadget you can buy from shops such as Halfords, and they go by the name of “dog seatbelt.”

That’s right. It’s a seatbelt for dogs which will save the day and keep your bank balance in the green, and it only costs £7. That is the price of a small pizza.

Listen To Us

Here at CCI HQ we highly recommend that you go out right now and buy a dog seatbelt from Halfords.

Just like we recommended you buy dashcams when they were on sale at Halfords. Buy 1 Get 1 free, we said.

No, we are not affiliated with Halfords, and we don’t make a penny if you buy from them, we just like to make sure you are doing the right thing.

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We would sell dog seatbelts and dashcams ourselves…right here in the official CCI merchandise store…right alongside the t-shirts, caps, and mugs.

However, we firmly believe in focusing on doing 1 thing right. The master of one, instead of a master of none.

The Masters Of The Car Insurance Universe

That is why we focus solely on being the master of Cheap Car Insurance.

So get your dog seatbelts from Halfords and get your car insurance from us.

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