#ThingsPickfordCouldSave – But Could He Save on Car Insurance?

It’s the eve of a World Cup Semi Final for England, but while we wait…there is a new trend sweeping through social media.

#ThingsPickfordCouldSave is taking Twitter and Facebook by storm. Named after the heroics of England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford.

Pickford Puts On His Gloves

According to social media users our man Pickford can save just about anything, including…

Brexit from becoming a disaster
Liam Neesons daughter in Taken
Wayne Bridge and John Terry’s friendship

Many think he could have even saved…the dinosaurs!

My contribution to #ThingsPickfordCouldSave? How about the sunbeds on holiday before the Germans get to them!

Pickfords Biggest Challenge This Summer…

All joking aside, there is one thing that Jordan Pickford might struggle to save…car insurance.

He might be able to save penalties and he might be able to save everything the Croatians throw at him tomorrow, but, when it comes to car insurance, is that a bridge too far?

If he uses the mainstream car insurance companies, brokers and comparison sites, then in my opinion…he wouldn’t be able to save anything. Not a sausage.

Yes you read that right.

Even Jordan Pickford. The goalkeeper who might eventually be Knighted and appear on a one pound coin…not even he can save car insurance when dealing with those guys.


If he visited CCI then things might be different.

CCI In The Dressing Room

He could even visit our website at half time tomorrow, while Southgate is giving the lads a pep talk and Kane is shining his Golden Boot.

Pickford could be browsing CCI on his tablet or smartphone. His only chance to finally make that big save on car insurance.

Even wearing goalkeeper gloves, it still would be easy as pie to navigate his way to the 3 minute form

Then a few basic details about himself, before pressing the submit button and then…

The Save of The World Cup!

Pickford + CCI = Winners.

The good news is you don’t have to be Jordan Pickford to save a fortune on car insurance.

You don’t even have to be an England fan.

You don’t even have to be in the country.

It really doesn’t matter. Cheap Car Insurance for everybody is our motto.

Meanwhile…England Have Beaten Croatia!

I can imagine it now…the dressing room tomorrow night after England have won the game and made it to the World Cup Final.

Celebrations? Yes of course, but why? Is it because England have reached the final or is it because…

The whole squad have visited CCI and followed in Pickfords footsteps.

“We’re in the Final”
“And we saved a fortune”
“We’re going to win the World Cup”
“And we’re with CCI”

All the lads will be singing in the dressing room.

Join the England team and experience the thrill of winning right here at The Nations Favourite.

Cheap Car Insurance – Proudly Supporting The England Team.

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