BEWARE of Car Insurance Cold Calling

“I’m calling about your recent car accident,” the friendly woman says when you pick up the phone. “Would you like to make a claim?”

It’s easy to get sucked into these cold calls, especially if you have been involved in a car accident, minor incident, or fender bender recently, but, even if you do have a claim…these people at the other end of the line are really just looking to take you for a ride.

If they do make a claim on your behalf and win, then they often take the lions share of the “winnings,” so to speak.

Not only that, but every time one of these claims make it to court and the car insurance companies are hit up “yet again” for cash, then guess what…?

It Makes Car Insurance More Expensive!

Accident claims are not the only type of cold calling.. Another nuisance is so called “car insurance cold calling,” where pushy sales people phone you up again and again and again and again…

Then again…

All because they want you to switch providers or save money when you renew.

It kind of makes you wonder where these car insurance cold callers are getting your number from, doesn’t it?

NO Car Insurance Cold Calling…Ever

Here at CCI HQ we have a strict no cold calling policy. In other words, we never sell on your details to a third party company so they can start calling you without permission.

Here at CCI we always request your permission, and it is with your permission we invite you to fill out this 3 minute form.

Late Night Caller

Nobody wants to get calls in the middle of night, complete with heavy breathing down the phone.

“Who is this and what do you want?” You demand to know, at 11:45 pm.

Are those “heavy breather” late night callers car insurance sales people? It’s difficult to say, or though they could very well be.

These cold calling centre’s are a hub of activity both day and night, where every sales person has a target to meet.

If they don’t make the target, then those late night desperate phone calls start and that is when you start to become really annoyed.

Cold Calling…BANNED!

Fortunately, the government is expected to step in and give the power back to you at some point later this year, by bringing in a complete ban on cold calling.

The public are right behind this ban, with 63% of those drivers surveyed saying they have received unsolicited calls or texts in the last few months.

55% went on to say they have received an “accident claim call” despite the fact they have never been in an accident.

92% said the cold calls are a nuisance, with 87% being called several times, even at night.

You Can Trust Cheap Car Insurance

I want you to feel safe right now when you put your details into our 3 minute car insurance comparison website form.

We only have trusted car insurance companies who partner with us. There are no scammers, no sales people, and no cold callers.

Just simple car insurance quotes the old fashioned way. No tricks and No sales techniques.

Cheap Car Insurance…The Website of The People!

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