Car Insurance Application Errors = Fraud Prosecution

Did you know that a simple white lie on your car insurance application could see you prosecuted for fraud? It is happening right now.

What we have been hearing is that authorities are taking a “no-nonsense” stance when it comes to liars and cheats. Even a simple “bending of the truth” could mean being taken away in handcuffs.

Liar, Liar…Pants on Fire

You don’t even have to be a blatant liar to have the law come down on you like a ton of bricks. Even a simple car insurance application error which slips through the cracks, well, even doing something as simple as that could see you getting into trouble.

Think I am joking? This is no joke. All faithful readers of the CCI blog will know that we don’t mince our words here on the official Cheap Car Insurance Blog.

Every single story is factual, and we are right on the cutting edge of exactly what is happening in the car insurance world.

We are always first on the scene with latest headlines, and then, all of the other blogs scramble around to copy us.

I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Sometimes we get tip-offs from our insider sources, but mostly we just hear things which flow through the grapevine and arrive at CCI HQ. We don’t hold the truth back from you, the loyal Cheap Car Insurance fanatic. We give you the truth. Time after time.

The same can said about our 3 minute form which is designed to get you very cheap car insurance quotes.

What you see is what you get, and very often this means…the cheapest car insurance quotes in the UK. Not everytime, but most of the time.

Compare this to other comparison sites who try and pull the wool over your eyes. Go Compare and then get expensive quotes, with hidden extras and car insurance companies who go out of business.

That is what happens when you use these type of sites. All you are left with is a cuddly toy for your trouble.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Back to the news story which is hot off the press right now…and it seems some UK motorists are conning the car insurance overlords in a number of different ways.

Small things like providing incorrect information on the application form, such as where you live or where you will be parking the car at night.

And then big things such as fronting, making false claims and crash for cash.

Knock Knock…Who’s There?

“It’s the police! Open this door or we smash the thing in!” They will say at 6am in the morning.

Please don’t let it come to that. You are better than that.

Don’t lie and don’t cheat…just tell the truth right here at Cheap Car Insurance.

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