iCar…STILL On The Way

Last year I shocked the world by announcing the iCar. Apple are getting into the world of self driving cars, I announced.

Everybody at CCI headquarters was excited by the news, and thousands of our loyal customers wrote me a letter or email about how they were looking forward to buying one.

“I’m With Ford NOT Apple”

Not everybody was optimistic though, with some of our customers saying they would prefer a Ford over an Apple. Fair enough.

Well, a year has past and…we are still waiting for news about the iCar.

Recent reports suggest that not much has been happening over there at Apple in regards to self driving cars, with some pundits making the bold claim that Apple are falling way behind to companies such as Google and Tesla.

Not only that, but Samsung are also edging ahead if reports are to be believed.

Tumbleweeds in California

So not much is happening at Apple HQ by the sounds of it.

There are a years worth of weeds outside the building, and the trees round the back? No apples.

Have they bitten off more than they can chew? It certainly looks that way, to the point where they are now getting a bit desperate.

Apparently, they have just POACHED one of the chief engineers from Google, a guy who many believe has been the mastermind behind Google self driving technology in recent years.

The Mastermind of…No Car Insurance

No doubt he was also the mastermind behind trying to flee the scene without giving insurance details. Yes, Google…we haven’t forgotten about that.

You have to hand it to Apple. Instead of crying over spilt milk and forgetting about the iCar, they have simply decided to STEAL staff from one of the competitors

Will it work though? In my opinion, maybe not.

Why? Because stealing from the original is not always the way to go. On paper it might seem like a good idea, but in reality it often leads to even more destruction.

Compare The Meerkat, Guvnor

For example, could you imagine if other car insurance comparison sites tried to steal or copy the originality of CCI.

Imagine if that singing opera guy started singing in cockney rhyming slang

Go c—–e, up the apples and pears…”

They would be laughed out of the country…and rightly so.

The People Have Spoken

“There is only one favourite in this nation,” the people would say…”The Nations Favourite…CCI”

Everyday the staff here at CCI are reminded of this as we pass the sign at the main entrance.

“The website of the people,” the sign reads, and it is right there when entering the building that we all know we are making a difference,

Making a difference how? By giving you the cheapest car insurance prices…ANYWHERE.

Sure, those other copy cats might try to steal and poach there way to the top, but its right here at the ORIGINAL car insurance comparison site where you will find the best deals.

Take The CCI Challenge

Let us prove it to you. We are so confident you are going to find the best prices ever, that we challenge you to fill in this 3 minute form.

You instantly get around 100 quotes. Then decide for yourself. There is no obligation and no rush.

We are here now…we will be here when the iCar is launched…we will be here when flying cars are in the sky.

“Cheap Car Insurance forever!” the people of our nation shouted.

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