Roasting Car Insurance on The Fire

What are the two activities that almost every motorist in the UK has to do at least once a year? The answer is below…

If you haven’t guessed by now the answer is…buying car insurance and roasting marshmallows on the fire. Millions have to do both of these things every single year.

“Our New Car Insurance Company is Called…”

So it comes as no surprise that a new car insurance company was launched recently and they called themselves…yes, you guessed it…Marshmallow.

No need to come up with any fancy names or complicated names.

So Marshmallow have got around £1 million pounds in funding for their new venture and this has led them to open their virtual doors and welcome customers who are underserved in the car insurance market.

Who are the two specific markets they are targeting? Immigrants and expats, according to Marshmallow.

DON’T Go There

My advice to immigrants and expats looking for cheap car insurance? Yes, Marshmallow might be the place to go when you want a decent quote…but in my opinion there is only one place to start your search…

Right here at The Website of The People…CCI.

If you currently feel poorly served by traditional car insurance companies due to your immigrant or expat status and you reckon you are being ripped off…

Then start off at our famous 3 minute form.

Cheap Car Insurance on Your Tablet

You could even do it on your tablet, while sitting in the garden on a warm Summer’s evening, with the fire roaring away and a stack of marshmallows just waiting to be roasted.

Then fill in your details on the form…and at the same time start roasting those first few marshmallows.

Once your details are filled in correctly then press the “submit” button and then sit back and relax. By now the marshmallows are starting to roast just nicely and you can almost smell the success.

Your Status is…Accepted

You will now be presented with around 100 quotes from our trusted partners, many of which will be only too happy to give you a quote no matter what your immigration status.

It doesn’t even matter if you are in the country. You could be an expat in Spain and roasting marshmallows on your balcony at the villa. Whatever.

What I do know is that you can then browse the quotes at your leisure and by the time you find the cheapest and best quote for your needs it will also be right around the time you are eating…

The tastiest and most delicious marshmallow you have ever eaten.

Here at CCI we eat Marshmallows for breakfast.

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