London 2 Bristol – Pay per Mile

A Londoner by the name of Tom Church wanted to travel from our nations capital to the city of Bristol.

He was on his jack jones, which meant the best and cheapest way to get there was by train…right? WRONG.


After doing some sums on his calculator, our man Tom came to a shocking conclusion…

…It would be cheaper to buy a car than buy a train ticket!

Just what is going on here? The country is going barmy.

He purchased a Honda Civic for £80 squid and then nipped down the post office to get a tax disc for £81.83.

He then probably visited Cheap Car Insurance to get a quote…perhaps pay per mile? London 2 Bristol = £20.43! Bargain.

Bristol…I Have Arrived

The last expense was putting petrol in the tank. Just enough to arrive in the city of Bristol without running out at the final stretch. The cost? £20.43.

Total cost for getting on the road? £206.81…compared to a train ticket from London 2 Bristol for £210.

Can you Adam and Eve it? Londoners can’t, and that is why many are going to scrap the train fares in future and turn to the second hand car market instead.

CCI = Essential

A cheap car and a visit to Cheap Car Insurance…combined with tax and a tank of petrol…

That is all you need to travel from London to Bristol…or anywhere else for that matter.

Take to The Roads

Just make sure all you Londoners pack your Alan Whickers and Bob Hope, and take enough Bread and Honey so you can do some sightseeing.


Take the cows and kisses, just don’t get too big for your britches.

It’s the summer, so expect to see the currant bun, guiding you for the long run.

You might even want to duck and dive for a few extra days, in years to come it will all be a haze

Well, pay per mile can keep you on the frog and toad, while a bit more petrol in your jam jar keeps you from being towed

If your car does break down or gets taken by a tea leaf, then you could always catch a sherbert dab or stop for a cob with corned beef

Then get on the dog and bone to your china plate…”great,” I will see you soon mate…

Offer him some duke of kent for the lift, but he says…

“It’s okay I’m with CCI…the website of the people.”

“At least let me buy you a ruby murray, me china plate?”

“Ok mate, just like CCI, you really are great!”

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