How to Save Hundreds on Your Car Insurance

With the average car insurance quote expected to be over £1000 in the next year or two, every motorist is looking for a loophole.

A loophole that gives them instant savings, or maybe even a trick or two that allows a discount to be instantly applied.

Cheap Car Insurance? Just Do This…

That is what comparison websites are for, of course. A place where the average driver can put in their details once and then be presented with cheap quotes from lot’s of different car insurance companies.

Some people have reported saving hundreds just by using the simple 3 minute form right here at this website, although it might not work for you. It doesn’t work for everybody, but for those it does then expect to be rewarded with…

The Best Car Insurance Quote You Have Ever Received!

However, not everybody is impressed with CCI and that is why they decide to click away and go elsewhere. Some even go to a website called…Go Compa…you can fill in the rest…

That well known and slightly “annoying” comparison website does get customers (would you believe) and they do have their own ideas about how to save hundreds on your car insurance.

Below are a few “fantastic” tips and tricks recently given out by the “singing guy.”

Use the right job title

The first tip from Go C—–e is to make sure you use the right job title. For example, if you call yourself a “kitchen worker” then you might get a more expensive price than if you call yourself a “chef.”

Of course, regular readers of CCI will be well aware of this trick. We reported about it months ago. Has the singing guy and his “fantastic” gang been spying on the Nations Favourite? It certainly looks that way.

Save nearly £100 when buying early

If you renew your car insurance policy around a week early then you might just save yourself around £100 for your trouble. That is according to Go C—–e anyway.

We could have told you that!

It has long been known here at CCI HQ that renewing early is one way to save a packet. You don’t need some annoying singing guy to tell you that. Just read our blog on a regular basis and that is all you need to do.

Instantly save by shopping around

The last piece of advice from the website known only as Go…(the last word rhyme’s with Tony Blair), well…the last piece of advice from them is to shop around to potentially save up to £300.

What they are hoping for is customers will use their website to compare, and some will, but some will go directly here to our famous 3 minute form.

Go Here and Compare

“Go Compare at our 3 minute form” is what I tell the hundreds of people who write to me on a daily basis. Don’t go anywhere else and don’t be tempted by songs or free toys.

What you want is a no-nonsense approach to car insurance comparison…the kind of approach that could easily save you hundreds with only 3 minutes of your time. Give it a go and just wait to hear yourself say “it’s fantastic!”

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