At 20MPH The Loudest Noise Will Be…The Police Sirens!

Electric scooters are sweeping the nation, and with a top speed of 20mph many people use them to zip about and do bits and bobs.

Up until now the life of an electric scooter owner has been the life of riley, so to speak, but recent headlines have changed everything.

Power Crazy!

Yes you guessed it…it’s our European overlords that are attempting to bring in crazy new laws yet again.

This time around they are demanding all electric scooters must have third party insurance, even kids scooters, and probably even scooters that don’t have a motor.

Not content with going after lawnmowers and dodgems, those crazy Euro bureaucrats  now have a vendetta against the humble scooter, and there is nothing you can do about it

Electric Scooter Insurance

So, if you currently own a scooter or are planning to buy one in the near future, then my advice is to fill in this 3 minute form and get around 100 quotes.

Don’t go direct to an electric scooter insurance company, because with those guys you pay full whack and top dollar. It’s always best to compare.

“Pull Over…NOW!”

Of course, in an ideal world you wouldn’t have to pull out your insurance document at the side of the road, with those blue lights flashing and a cop telling you to “take the keys out of the scooter sir,” but, this is the position you are in.

Our European brothers have put us in that situation, and for now all you can do is fill in the form and make the best of it.

By 2030 experts estimate that 62 million e-bikes will be owned in Europe alone, so you can see why the EU want to introduce this new insurance bill. It is money in their pocket.

CCI – Europe’s Favourite?

My advice to all electric scooter owners in countries such as Germany, France, Slovenia, and Latvia…is to visit “Europe’s Favourite,” – CCI, the website you are on right now.

However, a day will soon come where all UK residents can rip up their electric scooter insurance document.

A day in the not too distant future where our nation departs from Europe once and for all and we become masters of our destiny once again.

Old timers can mow their lawn in peace once again without fear of “who” is hiding in the bushes.

Kids can enjoy the dodgems once again and can spend their pocket money on candy floss instead of insurance.

Back On The Road Again…

Even you…the electric scooter owners…yes even you can enjoy riding your scooter yet again, and at 20mph the loudest noise will be…

Horns blazing and a white van man shouting…

“Get off the road you muppet!”

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