£14,000 Quote for Teen Driver – “Really Unfair!”

Teens around the country are known for thinking everything is “really unfair,” but for one teen, he might just have a point.

As you are no doubt well aware, being a teen driver is very expensive right now. The cost of buying a car, taking driving lessons, going for a driving test, petrol and tax all start to add up, especially when many teens don’t even have a job.

Car Insurance…Top of the List!

The main expense though is car insurance…although one teenager from Ireland got quoted a bit more than he expected.

Your car insurance quote is…£15,000! – “That’s really unfair!” was the first words out of the Irish teens mouth…followed by “that is 8 times the value of my car.”

It was Nathan Guilfoyle who hails from Claremorris, Co Mayo, who received this rather outrageous quote from a famous car insurance company.

The Story of a Ford Fiesta

A Ford Fiesta from 2004 was the offending vehicle in question, and the Irish roads was the place he wanted to take that Ford Fiesta out and about, up and over, down and around.

Just set me free was no doubt his thought as he waited for that car insurance quote, knowing full well this was his golden ticket to the cool breeze running through his hair on a hot summer day while cruising down the Irish motorway.

Waiting…and waiting…and waiting…and then…

16,785.01 in Irish currency to be exact, which works out at an estimated £14,701 English pounds at the time of writing. This is the quote he saw on his computer screen.

“My original reaction was that it was really unfair rather than being shocked,” he told a local Irish newspaper.


“You do expect high enough prices but when I saw €16,785.01 (£14,701), which is eight times what the car is worth, I just thought it was unfair.”

Really Unfair? In my opinion, and in the opinion of everybody here at CCI HQ, yes it was “really unfair.”

Yes, teen drivers do pose more a risk to insurers.

Yes, teen drivers are less experienced.

Yes, teen drivers are more likely to get into a few shenanigans.

To be quoted that kind of ridiculous figure though is just…well…ridiculous…and unfair.

Cheap Car Insurance on The Air

Nathan’s Mum Irene agrees with us here at CCI, to the point where she even appeared on Irish radio to voice her outrage.

Millions in Ireland were tuned into the Tommy Marren show on Midwest Radio, and millions agreed with Irene as she told the story.

2 Legit to Quit

Cheap Car Insurance could easily do a radio ad and a jingle to let everybody know that car insurance doesn’t have to be “2 cool 4 school,” but instead, we are keeping our secret under the radar, so to speak.

The kind of secret where 3 minutes of your time can result in…the cheapest car insurance quote you have ever received, even if you are a teenager from Ireland who wants to insure a 2004 Ford Fiesta.

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