“I Now Pronounce You With…Cheap Car Insurance”

On Saturday afternoon millions of motorists parked their car in the drive and went in the house to watch the Royal wedding.

Wouldn’t it have been shocking if the priest said to Harry and Meghan, “I Now Pronounce You With…Cheap Car Insurance?”

Yes it would have caused millions to collectively spit out their champagne and battenberg cakes, but he would have been talking the truth.

Car Insurance For Singles

The reason? Because recent research shows that women and men who are single pay more for car insurance. This is a fact.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Harry spent most of Saturday morning filling in our 3 minute car insurance form.

“I’ve got a really cheap quote,” he would have said.

“No time for that, we are late for the wedding,” would have been the reply from one of his entourage.

Yes, Harry could have continued and signed up for a cheap quote right there and then, while he was in full wedding attire, but he would have kept millions waiting. So he left CCI and went to the church.

Cheap Car Insurance for Couples

It’s a good job as well, because as soon as he said the words “I do” then he probably didn’t even realise that he instantly became eligible for cheaper car insurance.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Harry and Meghan spent their wedding night browsing the Cheap Car Insurance Blog and reading the many stories that have captivated the nation over the last few years.

“Come to bed…and read this blog post about Telematics being problematic for our nations youth,” Harry would have said.

“It’s getting late…perhaps we should…fill in the 3 minute form,” Meghan would have replied.

Maybe even you, the loyal reader and Cheap Car Insurance enthusiast could follow in the footsteps of the Royal pair.

Time to Get…Cheap Car Insurance!

If you are currently single then don’t you think its time to “partner up” in a bid to get cheaper car insurance rates? I do.

After a bit of wining and dining you could propose to your significant other while browsing the latest car insurance news, all of which is available on your tablet or smartphone.

You could then fly to Vegas and get married right away, and while Elvis is pronouncing you husband and wife…you could have already started the 3 minute form. By the time you are walking out the chapel of love you could already have over 100 quotes.

A Night Of…

Then back to the hotel, where your first night together is going to be the best night of your life.

“Just put it in,” your wife would say.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes it’s totally safe to put in your credit card details to signup for that amazing quote. They are a trusted car insurance company, just like all the companies that partner with Cheap Car Insurance.

“It’s done,” you will say. “What should we do now?”

“Let’s browse the CCI website some more, and enjoy our first night as a married couple…and as cheap car insurance customers.”

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