London Cabbies Can’t “Adam and Eve” It

“I can’t Adam and Eve it,” said the London cabbie. “I’m in a bit of Barney Rubble…”

Thousands of London taxi and minicab drivers received a text from Alpha insurance. The message was simple…you are no longer insured!

Alpha…to Beta

It appears that Alpha Insurance have gone out of business, and with that, cab drivers around our nations capital are no longer legal to drive.

According to LTDA, AKA, The London Taxi Drivers Association, around 700 taxi drivers and 10,000 minicab drivers are now without insurance,

“How am I going to make my bread and honey?” asked one London cabbie. “This is taking the Gypsy’s Kiss,” he went on to add.

He’s right to be concerned. It’s illegal to drive on UK roads without insurance. Anybody caught without insurance is going in front of a Barnaby Rudge and will probably do Bird Lime.

So are London cabbies going to be Hank Marvin because they can no longer work? Not if they visit Cheap Car Insurance.

Cheap Taxi Insurance Right Here

Here at CCI we understand that cab drivers in London are in the lurch right now…but the good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune to get proper insurance.

Not at all. In fact, you can save a fortune…simply by filling in this 3 minute form.

It really doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that. Forget about car insurance Apps and companies that need to use the word “Alpha” to make themselves feel big…but then go missing at the first hint of trouble.

The ONLY Comparison Site You Can Trust

Here at CCI you only get quotes from trusted insurance companies. NONE of these companies will suddenly go bankrupt which gives you peace of mind.

Give it a go right now and be back on London roads in no time at all. Just don’t park your taxi by the hour.

“Cor Blimey, These quotes can’t be real…it must be a Bubble Bath,” you might say after getting 100 cheap quotes in only 3 minutes.

We can assure you this in no joke. Every quote you get is 100% real and genuine

So get on the Dog and Bone and tell your China Plate…”Cheap Car Insurance is great!”

A Night On The Town…

Once you’ve got cheap car insurance for taxi drivers and minicab cab drivers in London…then why not celebrate with a few drinks down the Battlecruiser.

Just don’t get too Brahms and Liszt. Take it easy and finish up the night with a Ruby Murray.

Then go home and say…”Don’t Darby and Joan my Cows and Kisses, are you wearing any Alan Whickers…”

Cheap Car Insurance saves the day once again!

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