OMG! Car Insurance Rates Are Down!!

Here at CCI headquarters there is one text message we didn’t expect to receive, but then it happened…”OMG!” was the first word.

“Car insurance rates are down!!” was the next words.

“LOL” was our response. “U Serious?” we added.

“YES!!!!!” came the response.

Real Insider Knowledge

Who was this mystery text from you might be wondering? A car insurance insider to be exact. Someone “in the know” when it comes to the subject of car insurance rates.

Let’s call him “Mr X” and anytime he sends us the words “OMG” then we know it is big news in the car insurance industry.

Apparently, car insurance rates are down for the first time in 3 years according to “Mr X” and this means motorists around the country will be saving money for once.

You Save 2%…Spend It Wisely

How much exactly? Hold on to your hats…a whopping 2% is how much the average car insurance price fell over the last few months, although we are not very optimistic about this becoming a trend.

In fact, it is only a short term drop in my opinion, and much like the price of gold those car insurance rates will start going back up again.

Right now the average car insurance price is £768, which is down from £781 a few months ago. I’m sorry, but I just don’t see this lasting at all, and in my opinion it won’t be long until the average price is over £800.

Car Insurance Prices in 2020

Get ready for even more bad news because some predict that average car insurance costs will soon be over £1000 for the ordinary car driver in Britain.

If you live in London then paying over £1000 is already a common occurrence, and pretty soon everybody in the country is going to be in the same boat.

The “Captain” of Car Insurance

The boat is sinking and the only way out is with a car insurance comparison website. Not just any comparison site either. The only place to compare quotes is right here at the website of the people.

We can navigate you through the rough seas of expensive car insurance that just keeps on getting more expensive.

Fill in our famous 3 minute form to find calmer waters. A place of relaxation and blue skies where the birds are singing. A place to find happiness.


“OMG!!!! Just got Amazing Car Insurance Prices at CCI,” you will be texting your friend.

“OMG!!!!!! Me 2,” They will reply.

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