Telematic is Problematic? Young Drivers Say So

Younger drivers are a common sight on our roads. They have to start somewhere, and what better place to start than in a car for first time drivers.

So they take to the roads in their Ford Fiestas, and take great pride in ripping off that “L” sticker. They are now kings of the road…masters of their own destiny and in control of their future. The world is their oyster.

“Your Car Insurance Quote is…Expensive!”

Unfortunately, car insurance companies don’t always agree, and is why, on average, younger drivers get very expensive quotes when they try to get cover for their car.

Thousands of pounds is what some young drivers are being quoted. Who can forget the one girl who was quoted over £8000? It certainly is a lot of money.

“Put Your Hands Behind Your Back, Spread Your Feet”

Some young drivers fight back with avoiding car insurance altogether, while others get Mum and Dad to “front.” Both are illegal and could result in action from the law. My advice is don’t do it.

If you want cheaper car insurance for young drivers then telematics is a legit way to get reasonable rates, but it only works if you are prepared to follow rules and be a safe driver.

In other words, you have to impress with your driving style and in return you are rewarded with cheap car insurance.

“Don’t You Restrict Me”

Not all young drivers want to do this however, with some commenting that telematics car insurance is “extremely restrictive.” They are less than impressed, it seems.

45% of drivers in the 17-24 age range ticked the “unhappy” box when asked to fill out a questionnaire regarding their telematics car insurance policy.

One of the participants who reduced his car insurance costs from £1700 to £970 with the help of telematics has this to say…

“If it didn’t reduce my costs by such a staggering amount, I would have not have signed up to it, as conditions such as the time of day or night I am allowed to drive are extremely restrictive,”

He then went on to add…”I always feel like somebody’s watching me.”

For example, one of the restrictions of telematics is a curfew, where young drivers are not allowed on the roads after a certain time.

“The Punishment Is…Put This on Your Cars Ankle”

Their car is more or less tagged and under house arrest, and if the rules are broken then telematics is no more. The car insurance company will come round and rip out the tracking device. “Say goodbye to cheap quotes,” they will say.

Do you know where young drivers and their cars are not watched, tagged, or placed under house arrest? Right here at The Nations Favourite..Cheap Car Insurance.

Cheap Car Insurance On Your Phone

Young drivers can fill out their details on our simple 3 minute form. You can even do it on your tablet or smart phone, in between writing a Facebook post or posting a picture on Instagram.

Once your details are submitted then you instantly get quotes from up to 100 companies and brokers. Some of them do offer cheap car insurance for young drivers. Telematics not required.

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