“I Don’t Care About My No Claims Discount…”

Robert is just your typical guy living in the UK. He owns a nice car and has a nice driveway to park it on at night time.

The night is when he enjoys time with his wife and kids – watching TV and playing games. During the day he works hard at his job, in an office, for an above average salary.

It’s Time to…Buy Car Insurance

Something which Robert always makes time for in his schedule is buying car insurance. He wants to make sure he gets a good deal. He doesn’t want to get ripped off.

One thing he prides himself on is his 21 years of driving experience and no claims…so far.

He is a safe driver that obeys the laws of the road. The type of driver that sticks to 30mph in a 30 zone. A model citizen and driver.

The one thing that worries Robert is being out of pocket for something that wasn’t his fault. Uninsured drivers are everywhere and they don’t care. If they crash into his car then say goodbye to that no claims discount.

No Claims Discount Protection

So when Direct Line announced that customers would no longer lose their no claims discount if the damage isn’t your fault…Robert was interested. He wanted protection.

He saw the ad for Direct Line in the local newspaper while sitting at his office desk, and neatly tore it out for later.

However, exactly 5 hours later Robert was sitting at his home computer in the conservatory. His wife was in the kitchen and the kids were watching their favourite cartoon show.

Then, without warning, Robert did something that only 10 minutes earlier would have been unthinkable…

A Different Man

He got up from his home computer and announced to the family in a voice slightly louder than usual…

“I Don’t Care About My No Claims Discount”

“Are you okay Honey,” his wife asked him, confused by this sudden change in character.

The truth of the matter is that Robert was okay…perfectly fine in fact….totally in control of his senses and of perfect mind.

Direct Line? “REJECTED!”

What happened is that Robert first went to the Direct Line website and got a quote…but then…he did something else…he visited a comparison website.

Not just any old comparison website either. Not one of the gimmicky ones. This was a straight talking and no-nonsense site which went by the name “Cheap Car Insurance.”

Intrigued by the straight forward form that promised to be quick and easy, Robert decided to give it a go.

In 3 minutes he had 100 quotes on his computer screen…and NONE of them were from Direct Line.

Direct Line Not On CCI = Big Mistake

That is because Direct Line are NOT on comparison websites. They are “direct.”

What shocked Robert is how cheap some of the quotes were from Cheap Car Insurance…although, many of these quotes did not have the no claims protection that Direct Line were offering.

It’s Great When a Quote Comes Together

Then it happened – Robert suddenly noticed a quote that was very cheap (as you would expect at CCI), but, that also had the no claims discount protection. The exact same thing that Direct Line were offering.

Robert checked again. Yes it was legit. A very cheap car insurance quote with no claims discount protection.

Act Now…Quotes Are Limited

Robert pounced to quickly secure his quote, credit card in hand.

So Robert is now a CCI Insider, so to speak. One of thousands who are “in the know.”

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