Car Insurance Facebook SCAM!

Facebook + Car Insurance is never a good combination. Remember when I laughed at Facebook trying to get into the game? CCI = right again.

If only more people read the “website of the people” and our famous News Section then I think a lot less consumers would be getting ripped off.

You Don’t Read CCI? You Should

Unfortunately, not everybody does read it, and those who don’t, well, it appears they are getting scammed left, right, and centre.

What appears to be happening is that Facebook users are being approached on the social media site by total strangers.

“Say no to strangers. Say, no, no, no, no, no,” would be our advise here at Cheap Car Insurance, but many are ignoring that advice.

These strangers are offering cheap car insurance, for as low as £120 for 12 months of cover.

Average Car Insurance Prices in The UK

Anybody that reads our blog would instantly know that is just ridiculous The average is more expensive and in places such as London it is even more expensive.

You can check out this blog post for reference when any strangers approach you on Facebook. Share it with your friends.

Of course, you can get it cheaper than these average prices, but, it needs to be at a trusted and reliable comparison website. Just like the one you are on right now.

What Happened to Poncho?

That is why we always tell people to stay away from social media sites, apps, and portakabins, when it comes to getting car insurance.

Stick to the tried and trusted way. Anything else is simply an imitation that doesn’t work out cheaper.

Do you know why? Because if you do take up one of these offers from Facebook and you get car insurance for £120, what is going to happen is when you are pulled over by the cops by their “beep beep” scanners (and it will happen) then you will quickly find out you have no insurance.

The reason is because these Facebook scammers are selling people bogus policies that are not even worth the digital paper they are printed on. They might as well be written on the back of a beer mat.

No Car Insurance = Criminal

Don’t think that just because you are a victim of this scam that Police officers will give you a free pass. In their opinion, you are just as bad as the scammers, and they will treat you as such.

Don’t be surprised if you spend the night down the local nick and your family and friends can only speak with you through a glass window at “visiting hours.”

Cheap Car Insurance to The Rescue

The good news is that most UK jails are now equipped with Wi-Fi, which means you can log on to Cheap Car Insurance and get yourself sorted while you have time on your hands.

“I’ve got car insurance now,” you can tell the prison guard as he does his nightly check before lights out.

“Where from…Facebook again?” he would laugh.

“No, Cheap Car Insurance.” you reply.

“Say no more. You are free to go…” the guard would say.

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