Dashcams Might NOT Save You Money on Car Insurance

Last year I told motorists to go out and buy dashcams, and with that message thousands rushed to buy 2. One for the front and one for the back.

Some critics have criticised us here at Cheap Car Insurance for sending out that message. “Dashcams might NOT save you money,” is what they say.

You “Might” Be Right…Maybe

While these so called experts are always waiting on the sidelines…ready to complain about everything we say here at CCI headquarters, we do listen to them, and are even willing to admit, that at times, these people might be right. At least to some degree.

The truth of the matter is that a dashcam in your car is not a guarantee of saving money. Not every car insurance company will give you a discount. Some don’t even care that you have a dashcam.

With that being said, there are some companies out there who will give you a discount…many of which you can find after you have filled out our 3 minute form.

We compare 100 of the best car insurance providers you see. Some of those care about your dashcams and recognise the importance of the extra security it brings to your driving.

Dashcams…We Care!

In my opinion, every car insurance company SHOULD care about dashcams though. In the event of an accident then they see everything, and give you evidence should you need to make a claim.

Why wouldn’t a car insurance company give you a discount for having that kind of protection? They are crazy if they don’t.

Actually…We Don’t Care!

Who cares though. If they are not prepared to offer you a discount then they don’t deserve your custom.

What you should do is just focus on the companies who do offer a discount, and then give them your 100% attention.

Ok…We Do Care!

Just like right now, where I have your complete attention and I know you are going to enjoy the kind of money that is going to be saved on your next car insurance quote.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying you are going to get the cheapest quotes, nobody can say that…but what I am saying is that thousands do get very cheap quotes, day in and day out, right here at Cheap Car Insurance.

That is why we are called The Website of The People, because unlike other car insurance comparison sites we actually care about getting you cheap quotes.

Other sites only seem to be bothered about tricking you into a deal you don’t really want or sending you a cuddly toy through the post.

Not here at CCI.

Now that we have your attention, we would like the opportunity to show you how simple and straight forward car insurance can really be.

Cheap Car Insurance for UK Motorists

No gimmicks and no sales pitches. Just money saving with a no-nonsense attitude, even if you have a dashcam.

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