Londoners, You Can Laugh at Car Insurance, If You Do This

West, East, North or South…no matter where you live in London there is only one outcome – you get hit in the pocket when it comes to car insurance.

This won’t come as any surprise to regular readers of the CCI blog. I’ve reported before about London being outrageous when it comes to car insurance prices, and in a different blog post I outlined the cheapest and most expensive places to insure you car. Guess which city was the most expensive? Yep, you guessed it.

Just Like Being Charged Twice

New research shows that Londoners are paying almost twice as much as other places in the country. For example, an average car insurance price in other areas is now £826.77, while if you live in West London then expect to be writing out a cheque for £1,734.80. Ouch!

People living in London probably expect these kind of prices, no doubt. For example, every time they drive into the city and want to park their car, well, they have to fork out a staggering £8.84 an hour for the privilege.

East London might be at the opposite end to West London, but if you think that moving there might make your car insurance cheaper then you are going to be in for a rude shock.

The research shows that East Londoners pay an average of £1,516.32 to their car insurance company. So there really is no getting away from expensive prices in the capital it seems.

Compare and Save = Simple

If you live in London and want to save a bit of money on your next car insurance policy then my advice is to compare.

Most of your neighbours probably don’t even bother to compare, but they are missing out because it really is the best way to get a discount.

Fortunately, you can compare over 100 car insurance companies right here at CCI, and then once you get the quotes you can decide at your own leisure which one to go with. At no point are you under any obligation.

Shout It From The Rooftops

I reckon you are going to be so ecstatic with the cheap quotes you get after submitting our famous 3 minute form, that you will tell all of your neighbours about how great this website really is. “The website of the people,” you will shout.

You don’t have to be in London to take advantage of our comparison site. You can be anywhere in the country.

Scotland, Always Cheap

Take Galashiels in Scotland as an example, where motorists pay an average price of £544.84, making it the place in the UK that has been identified as the cheapest place to insure a motor vehicle.

I told everyone a couple of years ago about how Scotland has the cheapest car insurance prices. It appears that is still going strong up there north of the border.

If you are in Scotland then congratulations on getting cheap car insurance, but, for people who want to make it even cheaper then you know what to do.

The Car Insurance Time Machine

The same can be said for drivers in Exeter (average price of £559.47) and Truro in Cornwall (£562.19). Come to CCI if you want to turn back those prices to 2006, and make sure you tell all of your neighbours and friends.

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