Car Insurance or Clown College? The Nation Decides

“That’s it. You people have stood in my way long enough. I’m going to clown college.” Is what a lot of people are saying.

Unfortunately, becoming a clown isn’t as easy as getting an education and learning the ropes, you need other things…especially car insurance.

Clown Privilege

One clown in Cambridgeshire either didn’t realise this simple fact or thought he was above the law.

No. The law applies to everybody. Clowns included. Many people in this nation have to make the choice…most choose car insurance. Very wise.

Cheap Car Insurance For Clowns

Right here at CCI we welcome clowns with open arms and encourage them to fill in our 3 minute form.

Just make sure you correctly identify your occupation as “clown” and be sure to mention if you are employed or self employed.

“The circus employs me” is what some will say, while others will say “I’m my own boss, I do kids parties.”

Like the clown in Cambridgeshire who was on his way down the motorway to a birthday party. The only problem is he was totally uninsured.


The Police pulled him over while he was in clown mode and fully dressed, ready to impress.

Reports of the incident are still light on information, although it is believed he did not squirt the cops with water.

What we do know is that the clown from Cambridge did get 6 points on his license and a £300 fine. A warning to any driver who is thinking about trying their luck. Even if you are a clown, you are still going to get prosecuted.

Meanwhile, in a Quiet Cambridgeshire Street…

The forgotten part of this story is that somewhere in Cambridgeshire, that afternoon, a back yard full of kids were patiently waiting for this man to show up.

The chairs had been neatly arranged so that everyone could get a good view of the clown show and many kids were wearing their best clothes.

Waiting, waiting and waiting…the clown never did show that afternoon.

I can only imagine the disappointment those kids had, and for some, their first taste of disappointment, but not their last. They will never forget, or forgive, that day when the clown didn’t show.

The clown was lucky though, because while he did get points and a fine, police have warned that they have the power to disqualify uninsured drivers, and sometimes even destroy the car altogether.

Tough Justice

In my opinion it should be made law that everyone that is caught driving without insurance they should be given one chance to go on the straight and narrow.

The police officer should be instructed by his or her superiors to take a pen and piece of paper and write these words…

“ – save yourself a fortune.”

Then hand that piece of paper to the driver with instructions to get yourself sorted.

If they don’t do it within 24 hours? Then throw the book at them I say.

CCI – The Place to Visit Before Clown College

Clown or no clown. Everybody must buy car insurance in the UK,and it all starts here at Cheap Car Insurance.

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