£677…Straight Out of Your Dole Money!

You would think that unemployed people might get a break when it comes to car insurance. Think again. In fact, they get charged more.

How much more? Try £677 more, which is coming right out of their dole money.

Give Me a…Shandy

Gone are the days of picking up your jobseekers allowance and going straight down the local pub. These days you have to pay Mr Car Insurance his share first, and by the time you’ve finished, you would be lucky to have enough left for a shandy and packet of cheese and onion crisps.

Of course, our nations unemployed could just get rid of their car and get a bicycle instead, but many are not willing to do that. Instead, they like to cruise about in style, driving to job interviews in the latest sports cars and pumping out tunes from their high tech in car stereo systems.

On days off from job searching and job interviews, they might even enjoy going for a drive in the countryside. Maybe to go for a picnic.

Car Insurance Payment…DENIED!

Why are the unemployed getting singled out by car insurance companies anyway? The main reason is because they are considered more of a risk, especially when paying monthly. If their dole money gets stopped, for example, then the bank account is empty and the direct debit goes unpaid. Not good.

It’s also been pointed out that thousands of people in the UK are incorrectly labelling themselves as unemployed on the car insurance application form, which means they are unnecessarily paying more to insure their car.

Students are a good example of this, as many of them list themselves as “unemployed,” even though they should list themselves as a “student.” It is a £677 mistake.

Boy Racer + Unemployed = Expensive Car Insurance

Another example is retired people, who should be in the “retired” category but sometimes make the innocent mistake of saying they are “self employed.”

That is why I always tell people…make sure you spend some time when filling out the car insurance application form because mistakes are easy to make. You might feel rushed, and you might just want to get it over with, but that is when you get things wrong.

The good news is that our 3 minute form is the perfect place to get started in the car insurance application process. You only need a few basic details, and then you instantly get around 100 quotes.

A Fortune to be Saved? Only For The Smart People

It is then a simple process of choosing the quote you like. You could save hundreds of pounds, but you will only find out of you give it a try.

Pretty soon, our nations unemployed could soon be in the pub again on a Monday afternoon, raising their beers and shouting “thanks Cheap Car Insurance, you’ve saved us a packet”

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