Martin Lewis Shares Car Insurance Tips With CCI

CCI headquarters is where the action happens. Some people call it the “Mecca” of car insurance money saving…and they would be right, of course.

Another money saving expert is a guy called Martin Lewis, and while he has never actually set foot inside the headquarters of Cheap Car Insurance, and he has never seen the sign “The Website of The People” that hangs above the main door…what he has done is share some of his money saving tips for people looking to reduce their car insurance tips.

No Need to Tip Martin, He Has Plenty

The first tip shared by Martin Lewis is the tried and tested method of adding a 2nd and even 3rd driver to your insurance policy.

This is something I have advised all of our loyal readers to do before of course. If you read the news section of our website then you will be well aware of this trick.

Regular readers will also be aware that while adding other drivers is a good thing…adding drivers with the intention to “front” is very bad, and could lead to you being put in jail.

Law Abiding Citizens – “Try!”

So make sure you do everything above board, and, once you are sure you are on the right side of the law then do what Martin Smith suggests…”It’s just a question of trying different quotes and seeing what happens,” he said.

What he forget to add is that you can do that right here at Cheap Car Insurance using our famous 3 minute form. Just fill in some basic details and you get quotes from around 100 companies and brokers. It could not be easier.

Martin Lewis regularly appears on the TV channel ITV which is well known for being the home to such British icons as Jeremy Kyle and Ross Kemp.

Are You a Chef or What?

I’ve reported before about his appearance on the ITV show “This Morning,” where he shared the simple, but effective tip about changing your job title to get cheap car insurance quotes. Give it a try.

If you ask me, Mr Lewis is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to cheap car insurance, and everybody can learn a lot just by watching him on ITV or by visiting his website.

Right now though, you, the reader, are right here on CCI, where you can discover all of the knowledge bombs that will save you money month after month, and year after year.

For example, did you know that by picking up the dog and bone you can save enough money to pay your Duke of Kent this month? You would know this if you read the site on a weekly basis.

WARNING: Pay Attention To This SCAM

Or were you aware of the new car insurance scam that is landing ordinary members of the UK public in trouble right now? A Meerkat won’t save you either…only a legitimate car insurance policy will.

ALERT: You Are On The Right Site So Feel SAFE

Fortunately, we only deal with tried and trusted car insurance companies right here at CCI. So what are you waiting for? Find your cheap price today.

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