Self Driving Cars Are Taking Over – Humans Fight Back

“The robots are here,” they shouted, and with those words an angry mob took to the streets, ready to attack any robot they found.

No, that is a not a scene from some kind of science fiction movie, although it very well could be. In fact, it is a real life scene from modern day America…San Francisco to be exact, where self driving cars are on the roads, right now.

Meanwhile, 45 Years Ago…

Back in the 70’s a certain Mr Clint Eastwood would have no doubt had a few words for these obnoxious self driving cars that are taking over.

“Make my day, punk.” he would have said to that self driving Tesla. “very stylish,” he would have added.

Detective Callahan is no longer bringing his own brand of justice to the streets of San Francisco unfortunately. These days it is a different kind of justice.

“Karate Chop!” – and then… “Belly Flop!”

Take the incident in San Francisco recently, where a self driving car was innocently going about its business on the hilly roads of the California city. Then, out of nowhere a pedestrian struck, and according to witnesses “attacked the car with his entire body.”

I’m not sure I can picture in my mind what a “full body” attack looks like…although I’m sure this particular member of the public had their reasons for being angry at autonomous vehicles.

Perhaps he was angry at the robots taking over, and wanted to make a quick statement that it is humans, not robots, who still rule the roost.

“Slap” Francisco

Another San Francisco native got hot under the collar at a GM Cruise self driving car in a different incident.

What they did was walk up to the car and “slap the front passenger window.” It caused a scratch, apparently, and no doubt the attacker felt a bit better about themselves, although in both cases there were no police called and no reports filed.

These human protestors can thank themselves lucky that a certain Dirty Harry isn’t still on the beat. “Did I fire 6 shots or only 5?” Something tells me they would think twice about using their body as a weapon in the future.

A Revolution or Not? Not Sure…

It does go to show us that not everybody is on board with the whole self driving car revolution.

While some people are chomping at the bit to buy a self driving Ford when they arrive and go on sale in the UK, others, well, they are no doubt preparing their bodies and practising their slapping techniques to…ATTACK!

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