Cheap Car Insurance? Use The “Dog and Bone”

Most people get car insurance by going up the apple and pears and logging on to their computer.

Directly to the home computer they go, and then, straight to the website of a car insurance company.

 Get a Quote, And…

That is a terrible idea if you ask me. Do you know why? Because you will be paying full whack…top dollar…

We already know that car insurance is so expensive right now, with many paying over £1000, but people still keep making the same mistakes.

One expert recently claimed that using the old “dog and bone” could come in handy when trying to negotiate a better car insurance rate.

“Just haggle,” is what that expert went on to say.

That very same expert was even prepared to put his money where his mouth is, by taking his own advice.


Guess what happened? Yes, you guessed it…he saved £350 just by picking up the phone and doing a bit of haggling.

So going the old fashioned way is still the way to go, it seems. Throw out your car insurance app is my advice. ,

“I can’t Adam and Eve it,” you will be saying, after putting the phone down. “We have saved enough money that we won’t have to take in an Artful Dodger this month.”

Even better, that very same expert went on to discover that when you use the telephone in combination with a car insurance comparison website…then you can save even more money.

£400 More…SAVED!

The expert went on to prove it yet again, this time by taking another £400 off his original quote.

So he started off with £1000, then took off £350 and then another £400. That left him with a bill for only £250. What is this, 10 years ago? Who cares, as long as you get the best prices.

The Website of The People

The only car insurance comparison website worth visiting is of course, the one you are right now.

CCI, the place that prompts women to throw their Alan Whickers in the air like they really don’t care.

The place where the Baked Bean, her royal highness, may even have once visited, although we are still waiting for confirmation on that one.

The place you can safely recommend to your Baker’s Dozen, Bricks and Mortar, China Plate, Cows and Kisses, Trouble and Strife and Dustbin Lid.

Get Car Insurance Quotes Right Now

You might be behind on your Duke of Kent and you could even be in a bit of Barney Rubble…but, Cheap Car Insurance will always be the place to give you a fair quote at any time of the day.

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