£470 to £250k For The Man Who Wanted Car Insurance

Outrageous car insurance quotes are becoming the norm these days. Unfortunate, but true. 250k though? You Can Not Be Serious.

They were though, the car insurance company that is. With a straight face and monotone voice they said…”250,000 pounds, please.”

Enter The Luxury Fiesta, Car of Millionaires

Just what kind of car was being insured here you might be wondering? A Ferrari, a lambo…rolls royce perhaps? NO. Completely wrong.

It was actually the humble Ford Fiesta that was trying to get insured that day by its owner William, a builder from South London.

Bizarrely, over the previous 12 months his total car insurance bill had been an affordable £470. Something tells me William had been using CCI to get that kind of quote.

That Path is There For a Reason You Know

For whatever reason he decided to give CCI a miss this time around, and boy did he pay for it. From £470 to a quarter of a million quid. That just goes to show what happens when you stray from the tried and trusted path of cheap car insurance

The truth of the matter is that William should have been visiting CCI on a regular basis to keep up to date with all of the latest news.

In the blog posts he would have learned about Ford Fiestas, the average car insurance prices and why South London is a bad place to live…the countryside would be better, no doubt.

The Form Didn’t Want Fame – Fame Found It Though

He would also have had the opportunity to fill out the 3 minute form that has become famous within the car insurance industry. Thousands speak of it as some kind of mythical page, but all you really have to do is click here.

By filling in the form, William would have been able to keep checking those car insurance quotes for his Ford Fiesta, and then, if he found a really good deal then it is possible to renew early.

Fortunately, this story does have a good ending, an ending that would fit into your typical Hollywood Movie, no doubt.

“So That Is £250,000…DOH!”

What happened is that the car insurance company who gave him the quote of £250,000…well, they got it completely wrong, and in actual fact the quote was below £1000.

William didn’t care by that point. He was off to other explore other avenues. Then, he may have even remembered..”ah yes, CCI, the website of the people,” and then clicked directly here to fill in the form.

Copy, Compare and Save

That is the smart thing to do and the good news is that you can copy William the Ford Fiesta owner right now. Follow in his footsteps to the famous form.

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