He Gave Them a Lift to…NO CAR INSURANCE!

“Give us a lift mate,” is one of the most famous sayings in our nation, and most drivers are only to pleased to oblige. “Get in,” they say.

Then of course we have the whole Uber craze that is sweeping the country, where ordinary motorists can turn their vehicle into a stack of cash, all while keeping within the speed limits and obeying the laws of the road. No need to do anything dodgy to make money, and definitely no need to be stupid. Just drive.

Back of a Beer Mat? It Might as Well be

Did you know that making a bit of money on the side by renting out your passenger seat could very well make your car insurance policy not worth the paper it is printed on? It is fact, but not many drivers are aware of this simple truth.

Even us here at Cheap Car Insurance, the comparison site of the people…even we were not aware of this fact, although to be fair our only specialisation is getting you, the motorists, the very best prices on your next car insurance quote. We don’t offer the best advice on the what you can do and what you can’t do in regards to the actual policies.

Apart from when we are reporting about it of course, but by then the event has already happened, so to speak, which means it more like a Monday Morning Quarter Back, who is sitting in his armchair and telling everybody what they should have done, after it has happened.

Hot Off The Press…

So here I am right now, the Monday Morning Quarter Back, telling all of you regular readers of CCI who are desperate for the hottest news and all the gossip…here I am telling you to be very careful about giving lifts for any kind of money, even if it is just your mate giving you a few quid.

The simple fact of that matter is that if something goes wrong and you find yourself with thousands of pounds worth of damage to your car, then the very first question from your car insurer will probably be, “Was there anyone else in the car, and were they paying you?”

In The Bushes…The Car Insurance Snoop

Now, you could lie and say no, but that isn’t a good idea if you ask me because these car insurance companies have their ways to find out the truth, and find out the truth they will.

Also, don’t forget in the event of an accident there will be a Police report, and if they list one of the passengers as “Uber customer,” or “mate,” then you are going to be in for a rude awakening.

Just like one driver who wishes to remain nameless…he recently found out what happens when you get in a crash while on duty as an Uber driver. The thing is, he only had a normal car insurance policy, he wasn’t covered for commercial driving or driving for profit as some might say.

Over 100 Companies in 3 Minutes – “WOW!”

That is why when you are comparing over 100 car insurance companies for the best prices, make sure you correctly fill out your details and if you are going to be using your car as an Uber driver, then say so.

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