The 200 Mile Countryside Drive – No Driver Required

Everybody likes a nice drive in the countryside. Some people even move to the countryside…all in the name of cheap car insurance.

What if there was no driver though…what would happen then? Well, we are about to find out, because in the year of 2019 self driving cars are going to be hitting the country lanes and farm roads around our nation, so the car manufacturers can get more data on exactly how they react.

Farmers Are Suspicious, But Then…Joy

React in natural conditions that is…and what could be more natural than your average stretch of UK countryside. Fields, hills and woods will provide the backdrop, while farmers stand looking on, wondering just “what are these machines exactly?” They will never have seen them before.

That confusion and suspicion will soon turn to joy I reckon, especially once the self driving tractor is introduced to farmers around the UK.

Gone are the days of hard labour and a day of driving the tractor through endless mud…say hello to a new type of tractor, one where farmers just have to push a button and it does all of the driving. All they have to do is sit back, put their Wellington boots up, and relax. Good times.

As I’ve reported on before, self driving cars have already been out and about on the roads of our cities and towns. The fact they are now looking towards the countryside suggests to me that they could be on the verge of arriving.

2021 – The Year Of Self Driving Ford Fiestas

The government have even commented that driverless cars must be on the road by 2021, and if reports are to be believed then it is a self driving Ford that consumers want.

That doesn’t mean that Ford will control the whole market…there will be space for other car manufacturers, with technology giants such as Google, Amazon, Samsung and Apple all expected to share a piece of the pie.

Who knows exactly what is going to happen and when self driving cars will be here, but what I do know is that many people are going to benefit.

It Is All About Freedom

Take the over 65 market for example, our pensioners who still like to be able to get out and about and do their own thing. A self driving car is going to give them the freedom they deserve, and it might even stop some old timers being wrongfully accused of “boy racing.”

So the future is almost here, although the future of cheap car insurance is right here. You really don’t need any fancy technology to get the best deals, all it takes is this 3 minute form and then click the submit button to get around 100 quotes.

How simple is that? Very simple if you ask me, and thousands agree, as the insider club of CCI now has a select group of people who would give each other a secret handshake if they ever had the opportunity.

Join The Club = Instant Respect

It is what smart people do…acknowledge each other and show respect, safe in the knowledge they are not part of the cuddly toy madness. “Is a Meerkat proof of insurance?” If you are even asking that question then you definitely are not part of the CCI club.

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