Car Insurance Gets Personal

Here at Cheap Car Insurance Headquarters we don’t like things to get personal. Just fill in the form is what we say, and be amazed at the quotes.

What happens when car insurance gets personal though…what then? I tell you what…it gets to the point where innocent members of the UK public start to lose money, and that is something we don’t like to see.

CCI 1 Cruises The Streets

This is all to do with personalised number plates, an industry that Brits spend £115 million pounds on a year. I wonder if the plates for “CCI 1” are still available? Just to let the country know that CCI really is number 1, when it comes to car insurance comparison of course.

Anyway, on with the story and what appears to be happening is that people who buy personalised number plates for their car are not informing their car insurance company…which means they are not covered if something happens.

For example, if those sneaky but cunning thieves decide to remove your number plate and take it away in a rucksack then you are not covered for the stolen property.

2 Legit 2 Quit? Gone Is The Hammer

These thieves are almost silent need for a hammer any more, often all they require is their wits and a bit of boldness. A balaclava, yes, but they are not going to start removing your personalised number plate in a way that alerts you. It will simply be gone, and you will be out of pocket.

A survey shows us that out of 302 people who have a personalised number plate, only 19 had specific cover for if it was damaged or stolen.

Remember, some of these plates cost a few thousand quid, with the more premium ones going for prices that would make many ordinary people say, “Just what is going on here?

“Scrap That…Money!”

Inside information suggests that if a car is written off and then sent to the scrap yard, very often the number plate goes with it, which means the driver can say goodbye to the money they spent.

Sometimes they might be able to organise a transfer of the plate to another car or even salvage the number plate from the wreckage, but this often costs quite a bit of money, unless they already have insurance for it.

To get the exact information on exactly what to do I would suggest contacting your car insurance company for guidance. They are the experts on that.

What are we the experts on? Cheap car insurance of course, and getting you the kind of quotes that will make your next renewal time…a fun time.

The Fun Bus Has Arrived…

Yes, that is fun with a capital F…”Fun,” because that is exactly what you are going to be feeling like when you get 100 quotes from the companies and brokers who partner with us.

So don’t let car insurance get personal, make it fun instead and start comparing right away.

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