Save £100? Renew Your Car Insurance NOW…In February

The car insurance market is not known for being nice to ordinary motorists. Many get ripped off and many pay over the odds.

One of the reasons is because they renew their car insurance at the wrong time of the year…just like I reported on. In that blog post I told our nations drivers to buy car insurance in the summer, not in December.

What Month? This Month.

While that still stands as being true, there is another month that is also known as the “best month to renew your car insurance.”

Fortunately for you, that month is the one we are in right now, and if you look at your calendar you will quite clearly see it is the month of February.

Experts have done their research and what they have come up with is this…”renew now and potentially save £100 compared to the exact same policy in the month of December”

I don’t know about you, but if I was looking to renew my car insurance in the near future then I would be jumping all over this.

Many people think that you have to wait right up until your policy runs out to renew but that simply isn’t true at all. For example, if your contract comes to an end in April then you could renew right now in the month of February and lock in the best prices.

Enter The Hammer…

As MC Hammer would say, “You can’t touch this,” and he really is right in the context of not being able to touch the great savings that every man and woman around the UK can get right now.

Do you know what else you can’t touch? The website you are on right now, the website of the people as some people have called it.

Cheap Car Insurance is the name and price comparison is the game, where if you want to compare quotes in the month of February in preparation for renewing your car insurance then all you have to do is use this simple 3 minute form.

Throw Away Your Poncho

You don’t need any fancy apps or social media accounts to get instant quotes, all we ask is some basic details about yourself and the vehicle you want to insure.

We then pass on the details you supply to 100 of the best car insurance companies and brokers, and then it is all about getting those quotes. “Let the good times begin,” is what many people say when they click the submit button on the form and sit back in anticipation of what is about to come.

February and Cheap Car Insurance = Perfect Match

No you definitely can’t touch this, especially when you consider that when you combine the month of February with Cheap Car Insurance then you could very well save well over £100.

In a time when car insurance prices are becoming ridiculous, £900 in 2018 and in some places, over £1000, it is good to know that good savings are still to be made.

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