ALERT: New Car Insurance Scam…Watch Out!

Motorists who don’t use trusted comparison sites like Cheap Car Insurance are at risk of being scammed. We have warned you before.

A lot of people are just not listening though, and instead of going with the best (the website of the people), they decide to go with the rest (dodgy brokers and fake websites).

The CCI Mailbag…Always Full

That is why every time I get someone writing to me and asking what is the most trustworthy comparison site in the UK I always point them in the direction of this form.

It is the simple 3 minute form that has served thousands of drivers well for many years now, from Glasgow to London.

Not only that, but once you find a cheap quote then you will realise that it really is cheap…a lot cheaper than ending up with a fake car insurance premium anyway, which is what a lot of people are doing.

That’s right. This new car insurance scam has got ordinary and upstanding members of the public driving around the roads with what they believe to be a real car insurance certificate, even though it isn’t even worth the paper it is printed on.

Compare the…Meerkat?

They might as well pull a Meerkat out from the glove compartment when they are eventually scanned by those “beep, beep” scanners of the Police, because it’s worth about as much.

Reports suggest that Police have pulled over 850 cars in the last 3 years, where the drivers of those cars wrongfully believed they had the correct insurance, all in order and ready to be presented.

Roger That. Over and Out.

However, after a quick chat on their walkie talkie the Police would have said the same thing in all 850 incidents. “You don’t have any car insurance,” followed by “No, a Meerkat is not proof of insurance either.

These 850 motorists had no doubt been on comparison websites they thought were legit, and then were probably impressed with the cheap quotes, but the truth is that these sites are total scams. Here today and gone tomorrow.

Sure, they look professional with their fancy logos and nice graphics, and if you phone the number you get to speak to someone speaking the Queens English.

They are masters of disguise you see…these scammers, they are well skilled in the art of coming across as legitimate, while in actual fact they are just looking to pull a fast one.

“Pull Over and Put Your Hands Where I Can See Them”

How many more people are driving around with these bogus car insurance certificates? It is difficult to say, although it is only a matter of time before the Police catch up with you and flash those lights in your rear view mirror.

It always surprises me when people stray from the tried and trusted path of cheap car insurance. I’ve reported before of course about how car owners look to get dodgy car insurance premiums from portakabins and on beer mats down the local boozer.

Cheap Car Insurance For All

The truth of the matter is that the tried and trusted path is there for a reason…because it works and is completely above board. So just follow the path right to this form and instantly get quotes from around 100 different companies and brokers. No scams and no nonsense.

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