“Drop It Like Its Hot” – Car Insurance, That Is

It only seemed like yesterday that snoop doggy dog was singing about “dropping it like its hot” but could he have been talking about car insurance.

Hotmail in actual fact, the famous email provider that millions of people have an account with. However, if recent reports are to be believed then you might just want to drop your Hotmail…if you want cheap car insurance.

“Just What is Going On Here?”

What is this all about exactly? Well, research by a famous tabloid newspaper came up with an interesting conclusion, one that Hotmail users definitely wouldn’t have expected.

What they found is that applying for car insurance through Admiral with a Hotmail email, on average, will cost you £30 more than if you have a Gmail account.

Admiral have fought back against these accusations by giving their side of the story, by claiming that some email domains are more risky than others. In other words, they trust Gmail, not so much Hotmail.

A spokesperson for Admiral went on to comment that “we use a variety of pieces of information to accurately produce a competitive price for our customers.”

You Can Take Our Email, But You Can’t Take…Our Human Rights

However, not everybody is convinced by Admiral and their recent statement, with some people saying that discriminating based on email providers is infringing our human rights.

“This kind of discrimination has no place in the UK,” said a spokesperson for the human rights group Liberty.

Do you know the one place where there is no discrimination at all? Right here at Cheap Car Insurance, the comparison website of the people.

It might be true that Hotmail users are getting discriminated against by Admiral, and it might also be true that men pay more than women for car insurance…but if you use this simple 3 minute form then you can sure to get a fair crack of the whip.

Cheap Car Insurance and Admiral – Mutual Respect

Also, let’s not forget that Admiral are one of the car insurance companies that partner with us here at Cheap Car Insurance, and in our opinion they are doing just fine. They are okay in our book.

Once you have filled in the 3 minute form then Admiral are just one of the companies you could potentially get a quote from, but you also get up to 100 more quotes from other well known companies and brokers.

The Secret Society of Car Insurance Quotes

It could very well work out that Admiral give you the best quote…even if you have an Hotmail email account. If that happens then just take them up on their offer and join the thousands of Cheap Car Insurance users who give each other a nod of respect when they pass on the roads.

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