“You Can’t Hack This,” Stop! Hammer Time…

There used to be a time when your average car thief would break into vehicles using tools such as a hammer. It was noisy, but effective, back then.

These days car thieves are a bit more discreet and imaginative. Some say they are armed with “magic keys,” although sometimes they go old school with a coat hanger.

The Good Old Days of Car Theft…Gone!

The future of car theft though? Forget about criminals roaming the streets at night, dressed in black and hiding in the bushes. Just forget about it completely, because there is going to be a new era of car theft that will leave drivers confused and angry.

It’s all about hacking and hijacking you see, with these autonomous vehicles that will soon rule the roads and be parked in every driveway and garage around the country.

Unfortunately, there is one main flaw that these futuristic cars have, and it is a flaw that criminals will be taking advantage of, that is for sure.

The criminals though, they won’t be your average balaclava wearing thug who has 10 years of “inside time” to his or her name.

Graduate From University, Then Steal Cars…

No. The new car criminal will be much more discreet and may even wear a suit and tie while going about the streets looking for potential cars to steal. They will be armed not with a hammer or coat hanger, and you can say goodbye to those “magic keys.”

Instead all they will need is a smartphone to access your vehicle, as they hack right into it, much like when your computer gets hacked.

Train Spotting and Stamp Collecting = Old School

Experts are predicting that not all of these cyber hijackers will be professional criminals…it could very well be that many will be “hobby hackers” who get a thrill out of breaking down the high tech force field of your vehicle and maybe then reprogramming the main computer so it starts doing silly things.

For example, they could hack a self driving car and then reprogramme it to take you in the wrong direction. You order your car to take you directly to work, but the car has other ideas, and decides to take you the wrong way down the motorway. All because of these hobby hackers.

Software to The Rescue

The good news is that security software is being worked on right now as we speak, which can then be installed into your car to stop these hackers in their tracks. Kind of like how you install software on your laptop, only this will be more advanced. It is the future, after all.

Jarvis is one such software program, which was recently launched by Blackberry. The main idea they have is to license the anti-hacker software to car manufacturers on a pay as you go basis.

The one thing I do know is that while car security should be high on your list of priorities, the number one priority is to get good car insurance.

Cheap Car Insurance Saves The Day

Not just good car insurance, but cheap car insurance of course. One that protects you and is easy on your wallet.

No matter if those car thieves are breaking into your car with a hammer or a smart phone, at least if you have good car insurance to back you up then you won’t ever be out of pocket.

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