This Car Insurance Mistake = HANDCUFFS!

If you read this blog on a regular basis then it could save you from prison. Yes you read that right. Avoid the cops and get cheap car insurance. Amazing!

What am I even talking about? Well, regular readers will be only too aware of how I warned everyone in the UK about the dangers of “fronting.” I was writing about that last year.

10% Are Up For It

Unfortunately, it seems that not everyone is getting the memo, because if a recent car insurance news story is to be trusted then 1 in 10 parents would be prepared to “front” to get cheaper car insurance for their kid.

It is staggering really isn’t it…that despite me describing in detail about how ordinarily upstanding citizens of Britain are being taken away in Police cars, in full view of the neighbours. Curtains twitching and a lot of “over the fence talk” to follow, no doubt.

The news story went on to warn that not only will car insurance fronting possibly get you taken away in handcuffs and then having to share a jail cell with a complete stranger for the night…it could also lead to even worse consequences like more expensive car insurance or your insurance company not paying out.

Repeat After Me…F,R,O,N,T,I,N,G

“Fronting” for those who you who might not be familiar with the word, is when a more experienced driver puts themselves down as the main driver on a car insurance policy, when in fact, it is typically a more inexperienced driver who will be the main driver.

The reason for doing this is because car insurance for young drivers is often more expensive than buying a car, to the point where many first time drivers would prefer to catch the bus or cycle around instead.

Motorway To The Danger Zone

Some are prepared to risk fronting though, in a bid to get cheap car insurance for young drivers. It is a route full of danger, just be aware of that, and if you are a teenager thinking about getting your parents involved then you might want to think again.

How would you feel if you saw them bent over a police car being handcuffed before taken away to the local prison.

You can then only visit them between 4pm and 5pm on weekdays, the prison visiting hours, and when they have their day in court the judge could very well slam their hammer down and give out a harsh prison sentence.

All for cheap car insurance as well, is it really worth it? In my opinion…no.

Be Legal and Be Smart…Compare Right Away

What you want to do is go down the legal route…a comparison website just like the one you are on right now. Cheap Car Insurance they call us, and for many young drivers it is their only option of getting a cheap deal.

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