You Want to Transport a Tree This Christmas? Be Careful

It only seemed like yesterday when I was warning regular readers about the dangers of transporting fireworks leading up to bonfire night.

Well, it is nearing the end of the year now and a new pitfall is set to potentially trip up motorists from around the UK. It doesn’t matter if you are from England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. Everybody is a target.

Fight or Flight? No…Obey!

What kind of target exactly? The kind of innocent prey that wanders around the forest not realising it is about to be attacked by a hungry lion? Sort of, although swap prey for “innocent driver” and hungry lion for “Police officer.”

Yes you read that right…it is the Police officers who are now patrolling our roads looking for a new way to slap you with a ticket and even escort you down to the local nick.

The offence isn’t eating cereal, talking on your mobile phone or riding a lawnmower without insurance, and they can’t catch you with their “beep, beep” scanners.

In The Bush, The Hunter

Instead, this is all about the criminal act of transporting a Christmas tree by car on our cold and wet roads during December, where the Police will be hiding from view and just waiting to pounce on any one breaking the rules.

Of course, millions will be transporting Christmas trees around. It is a British tradition in the weeks leading up to Christmas…go out and buy a tree and then fit it in the car or put it on the roof.

Unfortunately, most drivers don’t know the exact rules when it comes to the transportation of Christmas trees, and although there is no official guide book on how to do it properly, the Police do have their very own unofficial guide book.

The 2 Laws of Christmas

Number 1 is – “you should not tow a weight greater than that recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle.”

Number 2 is – “you must secure your load and it must not stick out dangerously.”

In other words, if the enforcer of these laws observes you out and about with a Christmas tree that is too heavy for your car or is looking a bit dangerous, then they can, and will, pull you over for a stern talking to and a potential fine.

If you resist or give them aggro then expect to be handcuffed at the scene, before being escorted back to the local Police station. If you continue causing trouble and they see no other option, then you may even be sent directly to jail.

Imagine a Christmas day where there is no tree and your family are visiting you in jail. A good day had by all it won’t be, and I’m sure they don’t serve roast potatoes and turkey at the local canteen.

Cheap Car Insurance This Christmas

Also, let’s not forget that your car insurance needs to be up-to-date at all times. Police might pull you over for a Christmas tree, but it is the no car insurance that will really get you in trouble.

Sometimes they will simply advise you to visit Cheap Car Insurance and get it sorted…maybe a fine, but you are allowed on your way. Other times though, it’s those handcuffs again, and a Christmas Day behind bars.

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