“Next Door But One…” – 60% More For Car Insurance!

In a story that shows us quite clearly how the car insurance industry is going barmy, all the guy wanted to do is move “next door but one.”

This happened in Australia, not the UK, where a retired man by the name of Ian Mckinley decided he would like to move house. Where to? A more expensive area or a gated community perhaps…no, it was a house that was only two doors down the street.

Cheap House Move…Expensive Car Insurance

Fair enough you might be thinking, perhaps this new house has a bit more space or a nicer view. Whatever. The one thing you would expect however is for his car insurance price to remain the same…wouldn’t you? Apparently not.

In a plot twist that has shocked thousands around the world, Ian Mckinley phoned his car insurance company to inform them of the address change only to be told that he would have to pay $600 more a year to stayed insured on his vehicle.

Is this for real, how could this car insurance company justify such an outrageous demand? It seems those fat cats have made it out to Australia as well, where they sit around around all day and dream up more ways they can get money out of the average man and woman who just want to get insured and be treated fairly.

A Comparison Website, The Smart Choice

My advice to Ian Mckinley would be to get on a car insurance comparison website as soon as possible and start shopping around for a better deal. It doesn’t matter if you still have a few months remaining on your contract, you can cancel early for a fee and then switch companies.

Hopefully, in Australia they have the equivalent to our very own Cheap Car Insurance…the comparison site that many in the UK trust and use on a daily basis.

They stay well clear of those so called comparison sites which spend millions on advertising, you know which ones I mean. Most of them are allegedly owned by the car insurance companies anyway.

Back to the story and the total distance of the house move was 20 metres. It makes you laugh really doesn’t it, that car insurance companies can do this kind of thing.

“Hello. I’m Moving.”

Of course, anytime you change address you must inform your insurance company because if you move to a new area it could become more expensive. It could also become cheaper though as well, if you move to the right area.

Moving “next door but one” really should not come with any kind of price change, especially when you keep the car in a garage just like Ian Mckinley did.

What Lessons Did We Learn? Compare!

So now Ian Mckinley is paying around $1500 for his car insurance, where before he was only paying about $900. The lesson to be learned today? Go to a comparison website.

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