So That is Why Car Insurance is so Expensive…

Have you ever wondered why car insurance is so expensive? “Just what is going on here” is what many people say when they get a quote.

I’m getting a lot of emails and letters recently from members of the UK public, many of whom just can’t believe how outrageous their car insurance has become in 2017.

Car Insurance Renewal…Over £1000!

There are now some areas outside of London where paying over £1000 is common, and although there are still a few cheap places left to insure your car, they are becoming less and less.

So why is car insurance so expensive anyway? According to the Association of British Insurers, or ABI for short, the main reason is because insurance companies are paying out so much cash on a daily basis.

£32 million pounds to be exact, is the amount that UK drivers receive every single day in payouts. It’s a lot of money for sure, but does that justify car insurance companies passing on the costs to you, the ordinary man and woman on the street? In their opinion, it does.

The two main culprits are crash repairs and personal injury payouts say the ABI, which accounts for a lot of that £32 million pounds that is being paid out every day.

Let’s not forget about other factors as well, such as crash for cash and ridiculous rules from our European overlords, but generally speaking it is repairs and injuries that are really hitting car insurance companies in the pocket.

Millionaire Mechanics

Apparently the cost of repairing motor vehicles after they have been in an accident is now more expensive than ever before. These hi tech models are often complicated to fix, something which is only going to become more expensive once self driving technology arrives.

Also, the whole personal injury industry and has now completely gone mad. People are claiming thousands of pounds for their lipstick getting smudged while driving, and the ridiculous thing is…they are getting away with it.

Instead of fighting back the car insurance companies have decided to simply accept it and then pass on the costs to you, the innocent driver.

So it looks as though you are stuck with these silly car insurance prices right now, but fortunately they don’t need to be completely silly.

It’s a Secret…Tell Your Friends Though

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Who Wins in a Fight? You

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